Well of Life Center for Holistic Healthcare

Jon Gindhart, DC, Chiropractor

This my opening blog, and I wanted to first talk about my decision to join the Well of Life as their chiropractor.  I had been practicing in my own solo practice for 6 years when I was introduced to the Well and decided that it was time to combine forces and offer my patients more healing resources.  Prior to joining the Well, I was beginning to offer nutritional services in my practice, since proper nutrition is so important not only for holding adjustments but for overall health and well being.  However, I realized that my clients would be best served if I was able to refer them to a trusted expert for nutritional support which would then free me up to focus on my expertise…chiropractic.

Since then, combining chiropractic and nutrition has been extremely beneficial, not only for my clients, but for clients of the Well also.  It has been great getting to know all the staff at the Well and their fantastic clients.  I look forward to many years of serving together to restore health and hope to our community.

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