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Well, spring is in the air, and summer is nearing closer… it’s time to get that body moving!  Whether you walk, run, dance, or bike – get that heart pumping!  Start by moving your body just 20 minutes a day; it will thank you!  20 minutes can oxygenate your blood, feed your muscles, improve your mood, and energize your entire body.


Right now at the Well, we have a Cardio Dance class on Tuesdays at noon.  We would love to see you there!  Just a 45 minute class – 30 minutes of dancing, and 15 minutes of abs.  Oh, do they work!  And strong abdominal muscles mean a flatter stomach, support for your back, and a better posture (for those great summer clothes you’ll be wearing soon!).

I look forward to seeing you soon!

In Fitness and Health,
Lisa Hockel

Be sure to speak with your clinician before starting a brand new exercise program.

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