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Crossinology® Brain Integration Technique

What if your brain could work better…really better?

When our brain works better, EVERYTHING works better!

Crossinology® Brain Integration Technique (BIT) improves the functioning of the brain: the way you think, behave, feel, and the way your body moves. BIT combines cutting edge kinesiology, physiology, and the acupressure meridian system to address symptoms and issues that make learning, and often life itself hard.

The BIT protocol addresses scientifically recognized areas and functions of the brain like the speech centers, the limbic system, memory, math, reading, writing, puzzles, creativity and gestalt skill, logic and organizing, emotional attitudes, muscles and movement, and more!

“Your brain is involved in everything you do.”

– Daniel G. Amen

Brain Integration Technique can:


Address ADD, ADHD, Dyslexia and other learning difficulties


Improve spelling and reading


Improve concussion injuries


Improve memory and concentration


Improve OCD, phobias, social anxiety and trauma symptoms


Improve planning and multi-tasking


Improve balance and coordination


and more!

The brain has two hemispheres and a bridge that connects them.

“My 11-year-old daughter M has improved drastically after working with Lisa. A friend of mine mentioned that M. seemed to stutter with her movements as if she wasn’t sure which side of her body to lead with. She was always clumsy and as she got older, I noticed that she struggled to focus. She was eventually diagnosed with ADD.

Finding Lisa was an absolute godsend! M. went from being completely unable to march with rhythm and accuracy to not only being able to march but do other physical tasks as well while marching. Her focus has gotten better. She is less overwhelmed with choices. And the best, most notable achievement is her teachers in school no longer felt she needed her IEP. M. is no longer limited by her brain’s communication. She is doing more and enjoying more during her everyday functioning. I know we couldn’t have achieved this without Lisa! I am excited to see what is next for M. Thank you, Lisa, for extremely enhancing M’s future!”

How the Brain Integration Technique Works

The logic hemisphere is responsible for logical tasks like simple math, rhythm, telling time, etc. The gestalt hemisphere, (a German word for “whole picture”) is responsible for gestalt activities like identifying color, aesthetics and arrangement, emotional recognition and more.

Most activities, like spelling or reading, require both hemispheres, and the corpus callosum is the bridge that connects the hemispheres. The corpus callosum has two main parts: one that runs the muscles of the body (the neuromuscular level) and one that does the thinking (the cortical level). BIT addresses these three important areas in the first few hours of the protocol, optimizing brain function right away. Most people report that their brain “feels clean and clear” after this first session.

Logic and gestalt functions

The limbic system controls autonomous activity and stores emotional memory. The limbic system is the physiological and emotional center of the brain. It is responsible for making and retrieving memories and houses “reward or punishment centers” which are critical to learning because the motivation to learn is based on reward or punishment, also called satisfaction or aversion. The limbic system also regulates all autonomous functions like heartbeat, sweating, taste, pupillary dilation, blood pressure, hunger, and much more. BIT therefore can re-set the brain’s natural motivation and drive to learn. The amygdala, hypothalamus and basal ganglia are all located in the limbic system. You may not realize the deep levels of emotional stress blocking your success at school or work, but BIT can locate the stress and relieve symptoms like sensitivity to lights and emotions, fear of failure and/or success, and lack of organizational skills.

Balance, body and physical health

The vestibular system governs how well we balance. The Corpus callosum governs how the brain uses the body. These two systems together control how physically active a body can be, whether in sports, school, or at home. All of the parts must work in conjunction in order to truly function, and ideally, to function well. Athletes and sports enthusiasts can especially benefit from BIT because this technique can help the body work at its optimal level, preventing injury and healing past traumas. True balance is needed and achievable.


Memory is a complex function of the brain. Short term, long term and working memory functions only work if the senses are taking in information correctly and the retrieval systems are retrieving information correctly. BIT addresses all of these areas. Working memory is like the workspace where we manipulate and process information, particularly when learning something new and completing tasks quickly. Successful learning requires a functional working memory, and BIT can address even these complex areas of the brain. Brain Integration, however, cannot address Alzheimer’s Disease.

Brain Integration Technique

What if your body could also work better, really better?

Muscle ReActivation

A Brain Integration Technique practitioner can also address physical issues like shoulder and back problems, knees and hips, ankles and wrists. Often people suffer for years with symptoms after injuries that never seem to go away. Just a few hours of Muscle ReActivation can address those lingering issues and help you regain what you thought was lost. Your muscles work and are more stable, strong, and capable. (Available Nov. 2021)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a typical session like?

BIT takes place in a relaxing room, where the client lies clothed on a massage table. The practitioner will use muscle testing to identify parts of the brain or body that are compromised. The practitioner will touch acupressure points and touch the head gently to produce electrical changes in the brain and body. (1 hr kids, 1.5 hr adults)

What do I need to do before my first appointment?

You will be asked to fill out a confidential medical history form and a client checklist which allows the practitioner to assess your needs. Drinking plenty of water prior to your appointment is recommended.

What will happen at my first appointment and assessment?

In the first session, you will be assessed. If you have an overgrowth of Candida, you will be encouraged to change your diet. The practitioner may start the protocol in the first session after the assessment if time permits.


“Thank you for all of your help. It is a huge blessing to see how [the child] has flourished.”

“She needs you! She had a lot of improvement after spending with you [BIT practitioner].”

“Having almost finished our 9 year old daughter’s BIT protocol, we’ve noticed a tremendous improvement in her cognitive ability. Her reading has improved and become less stressful. She is extremely intuitive and empathetic which often was stressful for her dealing with other’s emotions, but her ability to process stress has greatly increased. Even her physical athletic ability improved which was an unexpected surprise that was very evident in her rollerblading and acrobats. Homeschool and life has gotten a lot easier. Now it’s my [Mom] turn to get BIT!”

“Brain Integration Technique (BIT) has been such an amazing tool in my life. I’m currently having to study for long hours, and I’ve never been able to easily focus for long periods of time . Also I have had a difficult time retaining information. I found myself having to repeat or reread things constantly. After going through the BIT protocol, I have a much easier time with studying/schooling and have noticed a huge difference in being able to retain the information. It has made such a large difference in my life, knowing that the time and work I’m putting into studying doesn’t feel like a waste of time. I noticeably see how it’s paying off and I feel confident going into it! Any adult or child alike would benefit from BIT.”

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