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Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is the manipulation of skin, muscles, tendons, and ligaments with the goal of helping the body to heal itself.

Our bodies store toxins in our tissues, including chemicals and metals from our environments, lactic acid from overworked muscles, and waste products from our diets. A build-up of these toxins can cause anything from soreness and stiffness to disorder and dis-ease.

This is where massage therapy, in conjunction with nutritional and chiropractic care, can help. By using varying levels of pressure in certain areas, massage can reach into even the deepest tissues of the body, improving circulation and blood flow, breaking up scar tissue, and assisting in the elimination of waste products.

Massage Therapy Services


Therapeutic Massage

50 minutes – $90
75 minutes – $120
You and your therapist will discuss your needs and take it from there. Light, medium, deep pressure, trigger point, myofascial release, whatever your body needs today.


Electro-Lymphatic Drainage Massage

50 minutes – $80
Electro-Lymphatic Therapy is a full body therapy that stimulates the lymphatic system and enhances lymphatic flow to allow your body to rid itself of toxins and waste.

What our clients are saying

“My therapist was kind, compassionate, and professional. She listened to all my thoughts and areas of muscle tension and made those were addressed during my massage session. She made me feel comfortable and relaxed! I would recommend The Well to any expectant mother for prenatal massage and I’m sure she would be fabulous for other services as well!”


“Overall it was great.  It seemed she knew lots of great skills. She was very thorough from top of head to bottom of feet too.  She was also little more therapeutic than just ” feel good massage”. She engaged her skills using muscles’ origin and insertion. As a chiropractor, I was very surprised she used excellent skills. She said she learned from her professor who is a physical therapist. Her intensity of massage was not too strong though, but I felt great after getting massage. I did not feel soreness after massage. Most of all, I felt like toxins in my body released throughout massage session, my face became glowing after all. I highly recommended The Well of Life.”

Dr. Blossom Lee, Chiropractor

“There have been many chapters of my healing in my journey at the WOLC. And massage has been written into many of those chapters. I have been blessed by this lovely young woman and her incredible gift of touch. I came to her at a point ready to move into the challenges I was having with my neck that were causing debilitating migraines, vertigo, severe equilibrium problems along with ear and eye issues. Without her part in the healing process I would not have moved to the level of function I have today. I’m walking better and moving more freely…she has helped give me back a part of my life that I thought was lost. Thank you Well of Life!”

Kathy C.

“The Well’s massages do wonders to enhance my flexibility, posture and have taught me how to better relax. She’s not just a wonderful massage therapist, she’s an awesome person all around.”

Michelle S.

“My massage therapist was very professional, very soft spoken and I felt comfortable with her working on me. She focused primarily on neck/shoulders/upper back because that area needed a lot of work. She asked my preference in pressure and I think she was right on target with it. I felt very relaxed and comfortable and still feel the benefits of last weeks massage. So I would definitely recommend The Well!”


“Professional, knows the working of the body,  I enjoyed it very much because it wasn’t “fluff,” I felt like things were being “worked out.”


“I began my Well of Life massage therapy journey in August 09 in conjunction with my nutritional program. Suffering from headaches, stress and strained muscles, her therapeutic touch has provided relief and facilitates my body’s natural healing. Michele has a wonderful and warm personality which makes for a truly relaxing two hour session. I would encourage those who are not benefiting from massage therapy to give it a try.”

Kevin Y.

“My experience with the massage department at the Well of Life Center has been fantastic. It’s an intense experience and what it does to further one’s well-being cannot be matched. What I have learned about how and why my muscles are doing certain things is invaluable. I would encourage anyone coming to the Well of Life to try this modality.”
Debbie P.

Gift certificates are available for all of our massage services

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