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Dangers of EMFs

What are EMFs?

There’s been a lot of talk lately about the dangers of EMFs. If you’ve picked up your cell phone in the last few hours, or written an email on your computer, you have been exposed to EMFs!  EMF is an acronym for “electromagnetic field,” the invisible waves of energy produced by electronic and magnetic devices.

We are constantly surrounded by electromagnetic frequencies, whether it is your work environment, a computer, electronics at home, or even the most constant influence of all – your cell phone.

According to studies, EMFs can negatively affect your nervous system causing damage to cells. They can also cause sleep disturbances, headaches, changes in memory, fatigue and anxiety.

Dangers of EMFs

Are you aware and educated on the dangers of electromagnetic frequencies?

You may now buy our Dangers of EMFs webinar online! This two-part webinar is full of all the knowledge you need to protect yourself against EMFs.

Have you ever wondered how electromagnetic frequencies can affect your body?

Read our blog posts, written by several Well of Life staff members, regarding the harmful influence electromagnetic frequencies can have on our lives.

What can you possibly do to protect yourself from the harmful effects of EMF exposure on a daily basis?

We have performed countless hours of research in order to educate you on this very important subject matter and offer you the best possible EMF protection products on the market today! We value you and the healing of your body!  We want to help you learn more about what EMFs are, where EMFs are affecting your daily life, and how you can protect your home and your body every day!

The Well is able to offer you this special take-home rental kit that will educate you and empower you on the subject of electromagnetic frequencies and how you can take steps to defend against them!

What is included in the rental kit?

EMF Manual
– Educational articles done by experts in the field regarding the dangers of electromagnetic frequencies.
– Step-by-step instructions on how to use the EMF tools and meters provided in the kit.
– Data record sheets to record meter and EMF pollution readings.
– Various wellness product and EMF protection information.
– Smart Meter state regulation information as well as protection guidelines and removal instructions.

3 EMF meters to measure EMF pollution in home or work environments
– Meter #1: measures electromagnetic pollution and “hot spot” areas, such as unpaired internal wiring, motorized clocks, electric blankets, and light dimmers.
– Meter #2: measures dirty electricity, such as cell phone charges, computers, or electronic equipment.
– Meter #3: measures radio frequency, or RF, from radiation sources such as cell phones, wireless video games, wifi, and microwave ovens.

Order Forms
– You may fill out one of the enclosed order forms for EMF protection and wellness products and return it to our office in person or by mail.
– You will receive a $20 gift certificate with your order of $100 or more.

How much does it cost?

The rental kit cost is $20 for a 3-day rental.

How do I get started?

For rental kit information, please contact our Front Desk.  You may also sign up for your rental time and payment. Call our Front Desk at 215-340-3930.

For further questions regarding EMFs, or to set up a time to view our Dangers of EMFs lecture, please contact our Client Advocates at .

Protect Yourself from EMFs!

We are constantly surrounded by EMFs every day, especially from our cell phones.
Are you protecting yourself from EMFs? Have your changed your cell phone chip recently?
You should change your chip every year to reduce EMF toxicity from your cell phone.

Call or stop by our office to buy or shop online at our store.

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