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Splankna Therapy

Splankna can help you break through to a better life.

Have you tried counseling, chiropractors, doctors, even medication, but nothing has helped? Maybe it’s time to try something different.

Splankna Therapy is a Christian protocol for mind-body psychology. Mind-body psychology utilizes the same systems in the body as acupuncture and chiropractic to release emotional trauma stored in your body. Splankna helps to identify where the body is holding different emotions related to root traumas, getting to the root of your issues and transforming your life.

Splankna brings together the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of an issue all at once.  A “whole person” approach can often facilitate change at a deep level.  Splankna works through a combination of body, soul, and spirit all working together in harmony. Traditional methods can fall short since they tend to only focus on the physical human. But when you address the root of a problem from all three angles at once, remarkable change can occur.

When methods like counseling and deliverance let you down, you can find new levels of freedom, strength and connection with God through Splankna Therapy.

How does it work?

Getting to the Root of the Issue

Splankna addresses the way our bodies store emotions like frequencies. Every experience we have is stored in the body at the frequency level like a recorder. Emotional symptoms stem from traumatic moments in our lives and the memories and emotions that remain stored.  Situations in our daily lives can trigger old emotional trauma and we then tend to overreact. The body is able to release these emotion frequencies through muscle response testing. One by one, these emotional traumas are released and symptoms are resolved.

Begin the Transformation

You can achieve change, it’s true! In psychology and even through ministries, we are used to hearing about motivation-based change. We must rely on our strength and willpower to progress in change and to heal. But when a deep-seated issue is finally resolved at its root level, the return of your symptoms is no longer a threat. Managing emotional triggers can be exhausting. Instead Splankna is a way to follow the lead of the Holy Spirit right into the places where the body is holding the emotion frequencies from the trauma memory and release them at the source.

Achieve Empowerment

No one asks to struggle with depression, anxiety, addiction or fear. We all want to be able to easily move past the struggles of life and focus on what’s really important. Splankna can help you unload your emotional baggage once and for all and feel more empowered to make positive change to the world around us. So what can you expect from Splankna therapy? Real change and the ability to engage your calling and live a more meaningful life.

Our Splankna Therapists

Craniosacral therapy

Cynthia Hofmann-Coale, FNTP, CNHP, ART

Owner and Critical Care Clinician

Certified Masters Splankna Practitioner

Cynthia Hofmann-Coale, founder of the Well of Life, is a Certified Masters Splankna Practitioner as well as a Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and an expert in Muscle Response Testing. She is a living testament to the natural healing power of the body, having overcome ulcerative colitis and cancer through the founding principles of the Center. It is her belief that God has created the body with the ability to heal itself. That belief is the cornerstone of all services offered at the Well of Life Center.

Craniosacral therapy

Abby Thomas

Associate Clinician and Splankna Practitioner

Abby started working at The Well of Life in August of 2018 as a receptionist and clinician assistant. She quickly became a nutritional client that same month. Abby came in dealing with chronic symptoms of IBS and GERD; chronic diarrhea/constipation, vomiting from increasing food sensitivities, uncontrolled weight loss, and an overall lack of quality of life. Within just a few weeks, almost all of her digestive symptoms went away, she was able to eat and not reject foods, her weight stabilized and was able to gain back healing and vitality once again!

Nicole Broderick

Nicole Broderick

Associate Clinician and Splankna Practitioner

Nicole started nutritional care in April 2019 for chronic fatigue, bloating, constipation, abdominal pain and nausea. Within a few weeks her digestive issues cleared and she suddenly had a new burst of positive energy! Nicole started working at the Well of Life Center in September 2020 as a Clinician in Training.

Our Splankna Practitioners received their training through the Splankna Training Institute.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Splankna?

Splankna work has applications in prayer ministry, counseling, coaching, health and wellness and even evangelism. It offers a Biblically based, mind-body prayer protocol for promoting change. “Splankna” is New Testament Greek for “bowels” or “guts.” In first century poetry and literature, the term was used the way we use the word “subconscious” today…like a “gut sense,” or “deep knowing.” Splankna work taps into the “deep,” subconscious root of symptoms.

How does it work?

Splankna work combines body, soul, and spirit in concert to resolve emotional trauma. When all three elements of the person are working together, the change is deep and lasting. Splankna attends to the way our bodies store emotions like frequencies. A simple combination of “touch and thought” allows the body to release these stored emotions, thus attending to the body and soul. When the stored trauma emotions behind a symptom are relieved, Splankna helps the client understand and remove the destructive vows and lies associated with those traumas. Through Biblical elements of confession, repentance, and the authority of Jesus, we “break agreement” with symptoms on the ground level and things change. Body, Soul, and Spirit. 

What kind of responses do people have?

We all know what it’s like to feel stuck. So often our willpower is insufficient to overcome destructive emotional patterns. Splankna is a way to get straight to the root cause of these emotional patterns and unlock them at the frequency level. The conscious mind doesn’t choose symptoms. Something deeper does. In Romans 7, the Apostle Paul describes how “the very thing I want to do, I don’t do. And the very thing I don’t want to do, is the thing I do!” His language for these two opposing seats of the will is, “the spirit man” and “the flesh.” Splankna is a way to bring the body and soul into agreement with what the Spirit man is choosing…life. Life in all its forms…strength, joy, freedom. At The Well of Life Center, we are accustomed to seeing God do really beautiful things. People report new levels of emotional freedom, greater wellness, new depths in their relationship with God, and greater empowerment to step into calling. It’s a daily privilege for Splankna Practitioners to be a part of this unique and powerful work.

Why do you use the term "energy?"

At the sub-atomic level of creation (the super small), everything is in motion. All the sub-atomic particles that makeup everything are buzzing. “Energy” is the word physicists use to describe the unknown cause of that movement. The study of the energetic level of creation is called sub-atomic, quantum or theoretical physics. It is sometimes distorted and thought of in new age terms, but if creation contains this energetic level, then God made it for his good purposes. This theoretical energy/frequency level explores how thoughts have substance and impact. It is important to remember that while God sustains all things, even at the energetic level, he could never be defined as “energy” any more than he could be called “an atom.” With that understood, the energetic level of creation provides a wonderful platform for promoting growth and change.

What is Muscle Testing?

Muscle testing is based on the theory that any major muscle will respond to electrical shifts that go off in the body. All thoughts have a frequency on the sub-atomic level. So when I ask a question, the frequency of my meaning passes between us and it hits your body as a “match” or “mismatch.” When your body responds with congruence to an idea, it shifts your electrical system and that shift shows up in the muscle. For instance, if I asked whether the root emotion around a particular trauma is “anger,” if your own subconscious database is congruent with that idea (frequency), the muscle will respond as well (weak vs. strong). Because the body naturally responds to ideas this way, a muscle test can be used as a simple yes/no tool. Muscle testing is not a perfect tool, but still a useful one as long as it is covered by the authority of Jesus and led by the Holy Spirit.


Is it like EMDR?

It is similar, yes. EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) utilizes bi-lateral brain stimulation to help loosen “stuck” emotional processes in the brain. Splankna does incorporate bi-lateral brain stimulation, similar to EMDR, and it goes even further. It also utilizes “direct access” emotional release at acupuncture points and algorithms adapted from TFT (Thought Field Therapy, or EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique). But the most important differentiator of Splankna work is the dependence on the lead of the Holy Spirit and the power of prayer to “break agreement” with destructive emotional patterns.

Is it like Reiki?

Reiki is a treatment that uses the acupuncture/energy system to help resolve symptoms (typically physical). The practitioner learns to feel the body’s energy/frequencies with the hands and move them above the body, helping “stuck” areas flow properly again (similar to what acupuncture needles are doing). However, the practice of Reiki commonly utilizes spirit guides, symbols, remote work, and “attunement” initiations in order to manipulate a person’s energy. Sometimes these practices can, (knowingly or unknowingly) be done under the enemy’s direction rather than God’s. It is possible to do Reiki work within God’s design and leadership but unfortunately, most practitioners are not. Splankna does not incorporate elements from Reiki.

Who developed Splankna?

The Splankna protocol was developed by Sarah Thiessen. She is a Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and a Licensed Professional Counselor. She earned both her bachelor’s and master’s degrees from Abilene Christian University in Texas. Her background is in the Church of Christ. She authored the apologetic on this topic: “Splankna; The Redemption of Energy Healing for the Kingdom of God ” and co-authored “UpperDogs; Exploring Christianity on the Offense” with Heather Hughes, Splankna’s Executive Director. Splankna has been in development since 1998.

Can this be done with non-Christians?

Yes. Different forms of mind-body work and prayer are done with non-Christians all over the world. That said, Splankna is unique in that it is deeply rooted in prayer and the lead of the Holy Spirit. During training, we discuss the different issues that arise in working with non-Christians.

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