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Since my chiropractic techniques are very gentle and do not involve any twisting or cracking of the spine, I always get asked by my patients what I think about “those guys” who do.  First, a properly given adjustment delivered at the right time and to the right vertebra will ALWAYS support the body’s self-healing ability, no matter which technique is used.  That being said, I have chosen to utilize low force techniques for several reasons.

First, using instruments to adjust enables me to be highly specific and to adjust the spine in ways that would be difficult manually, including adjusting patients in a seated or standing position.  This can be extremely powerful since some subluxation patterns will only reveal themselves in those positions.

Also, I have found that patients are able to relax more easily during the visit, and sometimes even fall asleep during the adjustment!  If the patient is relaxed, the adjustment will be much more effective.

Finally, I plan on doing this for a long time, and using instruments to adjust is much easier on MY spine!  If you have never experienced an instrument adjustment, give us a call and check it out!

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