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We are passionate about helping our clients find the tools to truly heal themselves. We love to see the amazing results in our clients as we help them on their journey to better health. Please take some time to look through these client stories below, which have been sorted by symptoms of disease and distress. Use the menu below to jump to the section you would like to see.

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For several years, my health was declining and my doctor told me I was just getting old. He then started sending me to specialists – to no avail. By 2013, I was so ill they decided to remove my gallbladder. In 2014, I couldn’t walk up a flight of stairs – many times I crawled. In Spring of 2014, I told my husband I felt I was dying. I couldn’t do anything; I had no interest; I was lethargic. God woke me up one night and laid it on my heart to search the internet. God lead me to parathyroids (I asked my doctor for tests on the parathyroid!). I was told they are very seldom the problem, but he would send me for my thyroid. The ultrasound showed a nodule. The biopsy came back Hurthle cell follicular neoplasm [a type of thyroid cancer]. I refused surgery, radiation, and chemo. I knew of someone who had come to the Well for cancer and had success. The Well opened a new location in June in 2014, and I was at the door. The attitude I had was, “I’d rather die than go through all the traditional medical treatments.”

In 2014, with my diagnosis, I went to the endocrinologist and asked if he would work with me. Every time I went, he encouraged me to have the surgery. In July of 2016, my test came back and my blood was clear, my lymph improved, and my nodule was encapsulating. My endocrinologist hugged me and said, “I guess I don’t have to suggest surgery!”

God is given all the glory for leading me and healing me. This May, my 2.1 cm tumor has shrunk to maybe a pea size. In September, I go for my battery of tests, and I am sure I am clear of cancer! Going to the Well saved my life. I have energy and I am a viable 69 and I praise God! Also, when going to the Well – it is important to obey the structure and discipline yourself to follow the instructions!


I came to the Well very ill, as a cancer patient, released from the hospital as a terminal Stage 4 gastro patient.

Today, I am feeling 100% improved! Thanks to Cynthia and her team, the cancer is stabilized but my health continues to improve. I am feeling physically and emotionally stronger. My scans are reflecting less active cancer. I am able to eat again and no longer on a feeding tube. I have had no intestinal blockage for the last 6 months. Dr. Jon has been very helpful in keeping my body moving as well.


A close friend explained/described the Well of Life when I inquired about it. He is/was aware of some of my previous health experiences; ie: cancer. Although I have been cancer free for 8+ years, I have never felt healthy. I have lots of aches and pains as well as nagging, chronic pain in my back and hands. He suggested that I explore Well of Life as a different approach to addressing my overall health.

I was tentative and skeptical. Also, I was hesitant to make the commitment to a lifestyle change that I perceived as a challenge.

Now, I honestly have been feeling much better. My energy is level is much better. My sleeping pattern has improved noticeably. I have noticed a change for the better.



I was on 5 medications and insulin. I was experiencing hair loss, bad color in my face, weight gain, lack of sleep, heartburn, diarrhea and complete body and organ stress.

I am currently on 1 medication and rarely use the insulin pump. I have better color in my face, experienced some weight loss, am eating healthier, have new hair growth, my eyes are brighter, I am sleeping better and I now have very good blood sugar counts.


I was taking medicine for diabetes and high blood pressure and was very overweight. I also had all the symptoms of Lyme disease but was undiagnosed. I felt as though I was spiraling down hill…couldn’t exercise…couldn’t diet correctly…and was working with a medical doctor and getting worse.

Now I’m on the way to recovery! My medicine was halved and one pill dropped. My weight is dropping. My skin is so-o nice (pleasant surprise). My size dropped before I lost weight. My medicine will be totally dropped by next visit to the doctor. All of my effects of poor health are very slowly going away. I’m on a good path and not going back!



At 36 years old, I woke up with pain and numbness in my wrists. The pain continued with added swelling. Then the pain spread to other joints – fingers, ankles and toes. In one month, I felt stiff and sore and very, very swollen. The pain became worse after rest periods or stillness, leading to lack of sleep.

In 2005, I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. Doctors prescribed steroids and methotrexate to help reduce the swelling. These kept me 95% symptom free. There is no cure for Rheumatoid Arthritis.

After seeing Cynthia for two months, I started weaning myself from immune system suppressing drugs that were keeping my symptoms in check. Drug free for five months, the pain and swelling has not returned. I am able now to fight the disease that had me beat.


I first came to the Well of Life because of rheumatoid arthritis. I was losing the battle with the RA and was about to go on heavy duty medication. Other reasons for coming were weight, cholesterol and blood pressure.

After 10 months at the Well of Life, I rarely get flares and my rheumatologist is pleased with my progress. I don’t wake up in the morning unable to move. In addition, I have lost over 50lbs, my blood pressure is consistently normal and my cholesterol is down.


Prior to my treatment through the Well of Life Center, I had been experiencing severe joint pain and swelling in my hands, feet, and knees. In June 2004, I was diagnosed with Rheumatoid arthritis and was prescribed immunosuppressant drugs to help control RA symptoms. By July 2005, my rheumatologist felt it was necessary for me to begin receiving 2 hour Remicade infusions every 8 weeks. After 18 months, the Remicade was no longer effective. At that time, I was placed on Methetrexate, and Plaquenel and eventually Rituxan infusions. These drugs offered me little relief and had many adverse side effects, causing me to feel ill quite often.

After one week of taking the supplements that Cynthia prescribed, I was sleeping soundly and felt totally rested upon awakening. My pain has greatly subsided and it is becoming easier for me to walk longer distances and perform certain household tasks that had become very difficult to undertake. The swelling in my joints has decreased considerably and overall I am feeling much better. Also, my thinking seems to be much clearer. I feel blessed to be a recipient of this wonderful gift of healing that you provide through the Well of Life Center. I thank the Lord for you and my friend for bringing me to this place of healing and restoration.


Doctors were giving me cortisone shots for arthritis and recommended pain medication and wanted to perform surgery.

Now, my sleep is deeper; nightly urination has decreased; I have more energy and faster recovery from soreness; my arthritic hands are beginning to heal after four months with Cynthia. I would say my pain has been reduced by 10-40%.


My first symptom was stiff hands, then my body became stiff and swollen. I visited my doctor and my liver and thyroid were tested. The doctor thought it might be side effects from the anti depressant I was taking for postpartum depression after the birth of my third child. I went off the medication and started to gain weight; 6 lbs. a week. I started seeing the doctor every week being tested for Lyme disease and Rheumatoid Arthritis. All tests came back negative. The doctors had no answers. They wanted me to see a Rheumatologist. Now I was paralyzed, in bed, no strength or flexibility. The second Rheumatologist wanted to increase my medication. I stopped going to the appointments and did not fill the prescriptions.

Cynthia gave me hope, comfort and a plan to get my life back. I started a detox program; lymphatic treatments, apple cider tea, and Epsom salt baths, and exercise. Inflammation started coming off and I could move around better. I visited the doctor again, who said I had Sarcoidosis. I kept with Cynthia to “peel back the layers to get to the root.” The doctors are amazed at the progress. I am walking a 60 mile walk for breast cancer!


Headaches & Migraines

I have always considered myself a healthy person, basically all my life. From college athlete to running marathons and staying in daily exercise routine, I love being active. This active lifestyle, coupled with my poor diet and food choices caused my body to crash during my mid-twenties. I began getting migraine headaches, unexplained weight gain even with intense exercise, extreme exhaustion, mood swings, and overall imbalance with my digestive system. Crash diets, weight watchers, and extreme exercise were not helping me lose weight or feel better.

The Well has completely changed my way of approaching food, eating, daily diet, and overall well-being. It has changed my life! The clinicians work to educate me on whole food living with Biblical principles. I quickly (within weeks) eliminated processed foods, soy, most gluten, and began eating organic, raw dairy. My body went from zero to hero!

Not only was I feeling amazing, my headaches were gone, I had tons of constant energy, and not a roller coaster of exhaustion to “hamster on a wheel” feeling. My digestion improved drastically. I slept better and had an overall sense of control over my eating.

I will continue to come to the Well because of their help and expertise, as well as recommend it to everyone I know. I am so thankful for their work and am excited to see how it will continue to change my life and others who come. Thank you!


My chief complaint when I came was the migraines, back aches and always being run down and tired. I could sleep 12 hours a day and I NEVER woke up refreshed. I took daily migraine, stomach, and anti-depressant medication. I believe the trigger for the start of the problems was a miscarriage, surgery for endometriosis, and a difficult full-term pregnancy.

When I started, my neurologist wanted to only treat my migraines, my OBGYN only wanted to treat my gynecological issues and my otolarancologist only wanted to treat my sinuses. I needed someone to look at me in my entirety.

Now, after just 3 months, I am off of my daily migraine medicine for 6 weeks now and my stomach medicine for 4 weeks. I have had 1 serious sinus (not migraine) headache in that time and that it was easily treated. I have been waking up before the alarm clock on some days and do not get so bone-tired everyday.


For many years I have lived with chronic headaches that made my head feel like it was looking out a window into a heavy fog that only allowed me to see a few inches in front of me. I took medication multiple times a day and if I was ever free from my headaches, I never knew what would suddenly cause them to reoccur. I was fatigued and had problems with pain and instability in my lower back. I had seen many doctors, acupuncturists, been CT scanned, given psych meds and nothing worked to break the cycle of pain.

Since becoming a client at the Well of Life Center and following the recommendations of the practitioners here I can say that I no longer take medication for headaches and describe the change as having the “fog” lifted from the window I look out and being able to see for miles. My energy level has increased significantly and I have far fewer problems with pain in my joints, as well as increased stability. My cholesterol level has dropped fifty points. I have lost 20lbs and have an overall feeling of wellness.


High Blood Pressure

Before I came to the Well of Life Center I was exhausted and fatigued all the time. I was on medication for high blood pressure. My blood pressure before medication averaged 150/100. My medical doctor put me on medication and brought it down to 130/90.

After just a short time (3 weeks) of coming to the Well of Life Center, I feel great. I have a lot more energy. I am not fatigued. But best of all, I stopped my medications (on my own) after a week and my blood pressure now averages 120/85, better than when I was on medication!


My blood pressure used to be 208/107. I had no energy and was easily out of breath. I had leg cramps and my diabetes was out of control and over medicated! I was diagnosed as dying – my weight was 245 lbs.

Now, my blood pressure is 140/80. I visited my doctor and had my medication reduced, but was still diagnosed as dying. He said statistical improvements were due to weight loss. I now weigh 221 and am still losing weight. I followed my wife’s diet for two weeks before I started the protocol with no change. After I began the protocol, I started seeing changes in the first week.


My uric acid level was always at high levels which caused my body to have pains at different points in my body. I was on 2 blood pressure medications due to a heart valve surgery and my doctor wanted to keep me on blood thinner so my valve would not have as much difficulty pumping!!!

After 3 weeks on the program, my pains ceased and everyday life became much easier to sustain. Now it has been 8 weeks that I have been in the program and I have lost 30lbs. My blood pressure has been lowered, and I will be going in 2 weeks for lab work to see what my uric acid level will be. My cardiologist informed me that I will stop taking 2 blood pressure pills due to the weight loss and BP figure!!


My plantar fasciitis hurt all the time; I couldn’t walk the golf course. My blood pressure medicine was high and not under control. And I had pain in my left kidney.

Now, my plantar fasciitis is healed and I can walk. My blood pressure medicine has been reduced by 80 mg, and I have no kidney pain.


ADD/ADHD & Autism

My daughter’s symptoms included sleepless nights, anger, nervousness, anxiety, self-esteem issues, ADHD, nightmares, and constipation. We brought her to the Well because she was struggling for 5 years with ADHD among other symptoms. She has never been at ease within herself.

Since coming to the Well, she has improved tremendously. She has been taking Benadryl and Melatonin for 4 years to sleep at night. In 3 months at the Well, she’s finally sleeping unassisted. Her ADHD symptoms among others have improved drastically. Her self-esteem and focus have improved. She is doing better in school and socializing. Finding and coming to the Well has been the greatest gift to our family.


Lyme Disease

I came to the WOL because of a tick bite that gave me a rash and a 102 degree fever for several days. After a month of antibiotics, I noticed my breathing and heart were more stressed doing any physical tasks. Physically I did not feel as strong.

Nutrition Response Testing indicated traces of bacteria, Lyme and the presence of parasites- none of which showed up on medical lab tests. After a month on the nutritional program and diet I noticed improvement in my stamina and strength increased to the point that I feel stronger than before the bite. I had exercised and considered myself in good health prior to all this but I sincerely believe my stamina is better than it has been for some time.


I came to the Well because of my weight. I have chronic Lyme disease and I see a specialist, but there are some symptoms I can’t seem to get rid of: weight gain (60 lbs), daily headaches, heart burn, and shoulder pain.

After one week, I feel awesome! I had a great first week! No headaches or heart burn, which is incredible because I was getting both every day.


Acne & Skin Conditions

Before coming to the Well of Life Center, I had severe acne breakouts on my face, chest, shoulders and back. I also had a terrible time getting up in the mornings and staying awake through the day without coffee.

Now, I rarely get a single zit anymore and my skin is smooth! I also have quit coffee and yet noticed that I had more energy too!


I used to be itchy and tired all the time, and was taking medications that weren’t working. I had eczema and really bad allergies. My stomach hurt a lot from different foods.

Now, all of the itching has gone away! I don’t have eczema and I don’t need to take any medicines that make me tired! My stomach rarely hurts now!


Anxiety & Depression

Before coming to the Well of Life Center, I suffered from fuzzy eyesight, unclear thinking, very high anxiety, constant ant-like movement all over head, neck, right side to mid shoulder, as well as fatigue to the point of falling asleep just sitting still.

Since coming to the Well, I have noticed clearer eyesight, less ant-like feelings, more calmness and stability emotionally, decreased sweating, increased alertness.


I felt like my body was out of control. My doctor didn’t know how to help. I knew that was not the answer. Also, my weight was out of control so I knew I needed to trust and pray the Lord would guide me and he did. He brought me to the Well of Life and I am very grateful for peace of mind and to see how it has all worked out.

Now, I would say am 80% better; it has helped my emotional well-being. I feel good about myself. I have lost weight. I have to say my body does not feel out of control anymore. I still have the healing process going on, but I now understand it takes time and God is teaching me patience and also to trust him. No one can tell me any different about what you are doing; the proof is how I feel emotionally, physically and mentally. I thank the Lord for the Well of Life.


Initially, I came to the Well to support my spouse and so we could have a common language. I was eating organically (for the past two years) but I was also eating wheat and sugar, which I stopped doing after the first visit to the Well in August of 2014. I had also been taking 3-4MG of Xanax every night to sleep for the past nine years. My height is 6’0 and my weight was 226 when I began at the Well. Overall, I was feeling pretty good but knew that I could be healthier, feel healthier, and have more vitality. I was 100% committed to following any and all instructions, which I have done all alone.

After only eight months at the Well, I am amazed at the results. I have lost 22 pounds without trying. I do not eat wheat, processed grains, or sugar. I am eating only grass fed organic beef, free range chicken and eggs, and only organic fruits and vegetables. I have added grass fed butter, coconut oil, and safflower mayo to my diet. I have dramatically reduced the amount of wine that I consume and have completed stopped the Xanax. I feel more vital and healthier than I have ever felt in my 61 years of life. I have thoroughly enjoyed every minute of the many lectures that I have attended. I am most grateful to everyone at the Well for all you do!


Before coming to the Well of Life, it was tough to be upbeat. I was a couch potato waiting fatalistically for the next step – dialysis, then kidney replacement. I was tired all the time.

Now, it is a difference like night and day. I can’t wait to get the things done that I was unable to do before. I give thanks to my Lord for allowing me to go through this. He is using it to accomplish through me what He wants to. I know it is not of myself but it is His doing. He brought me here and He is using Cynthia to give me and others more than just healing, but a better life.


Prior to the Well of Life Center, I thought symptoms I experienced were normal and just a part of life. I struggled with fears, anxiety, dizziness, skin rashes, acne, headaches, menstrual cramps, and the list could go on…

Now…I feel that I am in control of body, my life, and my destiny. I have learned not to accept anything that challenges the way God designed my body to be. I have been helped physically, emotionally and spiritually. The symptom I previously experienced are a thing of the past and I can say with confidence that my experience at “The Well” has been life changing and I have recommended this program to friends, family and many others who have all had great success! I can say with confidence that my best days are ahead of me!


I first came to the Well of Life Center due to extreme exhaustion and a general un-wellness. How I was feeling consisted of depression, feelings of frustrating, confusion, and many struggles handling everyday life. I knew this was a medical problem but the treatment I had received in the past was not sufficient.

Having a naturopathic background, I was absolutely amazed with the sudden and obvious turn around I had with my symptoms. The clinician at the Well of Life Center rightly pinpointed my severe adrenal fatigue and began to address it immediately.

Balancing my adrenals has greatly improved my daily life—mood, emotions, focus, and energy. I can’t begin to say how grateful I am that the Lord led me to the Well of Life Center.


Insomnia & Sleeping Troubles

At the beginning of my treatments at the Well of Life, I didn’t see the need to do anything. I had been on a drug to alleviate the symptoms of restless leg syndrome (RLS) for over 25 years, and I used another to prevent acid reflux, and another for hypothyroidism, and my life was, I thought, pretty comfortable. But my wife thought differently. After having lived with me for 45 years, she knows me pretty well, so I thought to myself: “It seems to be that the Lord is sending me there, so I’d better give it a try.”

When I began, I was extremely skeptical. The methods used seemed like voodoo medicine. I complained about the dietary restrictions, the need to take baths in a peculiar way, in general the way my life was being changed. My first big challenge was overcoming the need for the RLS drug. After eleven weeks of serious dietary changes and appropriate supplements, I went “cold turkey” for three nights in a row. I slept for less than three hours over those three nights and was a basket case. On the fourth night, I slept, maybe five hours or so. The following nights were better. Since then, I haven’t taken the drug and my sleep is pretty normal. Though, we are still working on extending it to seven or eight hours. Also, I used to have sleep apnea and used C-Pap for over 20 years! I haven’t used it for over 6 weeks, and I no longer show signs of sleep apnea. That’s probably due to having lost 25 pounds since the end of February.

Another remarkable effect is my change in attitude. I’m no longer addicted to playing online Scrabble that used to keep me up till all hours of the night. I’ve become a friend to myself, am more patient with myself, and my wife tells me that I’m easier to live with and that she enjoys my company more!

Most importantly, I believe my relationship with God has improved. Until recently, when I prayed, it seemed a burden. Now I relish the time spent talking and listening to my Lord and wish that it could last longer! In short, I’m a “new creation” a man who has begun a new life. I plan to pass this information along to all my friends that may benefit from it. Maybe you can too!


I came to the Well because I tried everything else. I had countless tests at the doctors and even tried other holistic remedies—all with no success. I was constantly tired, had trouble sleeping, and my hormones and cycle were completely a mess. Being only 24 at the time, I knew I shouldn’t be feeling this way and knew there had to be answers.

Since coming to the Well, I have seen many improvements in my health. My energy has drastically increased and I am sleeping better than I have in years. I am no longer dependent on sugar and caffeine to get me through the day! The Well really works and I look forward to seeing how my health continues to improve from here.


In the past 5 years, I was experiencing insomnia, significant weight gain and constant fatigue. Basically, I was dragging myself through each day. After watching my hairdresser over 18 months transforming into a happier and healthier person, I had to ask her what she was doing. She informed me about the Well of Life Center.

It’s now been 7 months attending the Well of Life with Cynthia. After 2 ½ months, my family and friends commented that I looked better. Personally, I was feeling much better. I contribute “feeling better” from learning to make healthy food choices and taking the proper nutrition.


I believe I was addicted to sugar and all foods fattening. I never slept well. My husband thought I was developing sleep apnea. I knew my diet was all wrong, but I didn’t know where to begin to correct it. A visit to a nutritionist years ago told me all the things I already knew. That didn’t help. I would pray to meet someone who could get me on the path to health.

Within two weeks of coming to the Well of Life, no more snoring. My husband is amazed. I have lost 16 pounds in nine weeks – without trying – without exercising. My body is toning – in all areas. My moods are even – not up and down. No cravings for sugar; no strong hunger pangs; no dark circles under the eyes; no need for a nap in the afternoon; lots of energy. Confident that I will live longer.


I brought my son to the Well because he has NFI, anxiety, autism, and insomnia.

This month, he has made noticeable progress. His sleep is not what we are hoping for, but it is improving. He is now sleeping at least 6 hours (continuous) each night, and a few nights he has slept 8-9 continuous hours. His anxiety has also reduced to the level that we have a foot hold for utilizing behavioral therapy. He is still struggling, but we are seeing improvement and are encouraged.


I came to the Well of Life suffering from terrible nightmares, bloating, medications, and trouble sleeping. Since starting at the Well of Life Center, I am off my medications, after many decades the nightmares have ended, less bloating, less gas, still working on the sleeping issues.


Before the Well, I had an intermittent sleep pattern with snoring. Now, I have a regular sleep cycle, and I awake in the morning after a thorough night of sleep – and no snoring!


My sleeping behavior was poor; tossing and turning, waiting for morning. Now, my sleeping is nurturing and long lasting.


Weight Issues

I came to the Well of Life Center after having struggled for three years with a myriad of chronic unexplained symptoms and severe weight loss. I went from a high of 147 pounds to a low of 95 pounds in a relatively short span of time. When I was in the midst of my health challenges, what concerned me and scared me most was the weight loss because I, being a type-A personality and one who feels best when all is organized and under control, couldn’t control it. The weight just seemed to continue to drop, and I didn’t understand what was happening. My fears were only exacerbated because everyone around me was expressing deep concern for my health and well-being and gasping at my weight loss. I always knew there were answers to why my body was breaking down the way it was, and I was committed to searching until I found those answers.

The answers came through my healing journey at the Well of Life. I now believe that my weight loss resulted from:

The elimination of certain foods my body found distressing – foods such as grains, dairy and sugar that had been staples in my diet up until then. Our bodies were created to be self-healing, but that healing can only happen when we remove the barriers preventing such. With the elimination of these foods, my body now had the reserves to focus on cleansing and detoxing and no longer had to expend its energies on dealing with what it considered toxic foods. I was essentially now giving my body permission to heal and permission to do what it needed to do to cleanse and balance.

I had an entire mouthful of amalgam fillings removed without the proper safety precautions in place and exposed myself to mercury toxicity. I later learned that my body’s detoxifying organs were not equipped to handle such an onslaught at the time. This created another layer of stress on my body and further imbalance. A lifetime of chemical and metal exposure, processed foods, etc., that my body felt it now could release and begin rebuilding.

What I know now with all my heart is that we need to trust our body’s innate wisdom and know that it is always, always, always fighting for our survival and well-being. The weight will be what it needs to be at any given time. The weight loss will stop and level off when it is meant to do so. The body knows exactly what it is doing. There is cleansing and detoxing and regeneration happening all the time. Just as we don’t have to think about breathing or blinking our eyes or making our hearts beat, so it is with healing.

I also now realize that my body was not designed nor ever meant to carry 147 pounds. My ideal weight seems to be the weight it naturally arrived at and what it is now and has been for the past few years – 105. The greatest gift I gave myself was to get out of my body’s way, to honor it, to trust it and to live Well!!


For 20 years, I was unable to lose any noticeable amount of weight; even after joining a health club, I only lost 2 lbs. at the most. I always ate very health conscious and maintained my weight at 156 average. I never really gained more than that, but also never would lose more than a few pounds.

But now, I have lost 17 pounds to date since my first visit here three months ago. I am still not at my goal weight, but am confident that it will come.


My husband was the first one in our family to get help from the Well. After his health had improved, I decided to come to the Well to get help with weight loss and proper nutrition. I exercised and ate well but struggled for 11 years trying to lose weight. Working with my clinician, I did the detox cleanse and was able to clean out fungus and gluten that was blocking my body’s ability to function in a healthy manner. After completing the detox, I initially lost 25 pounds and with continued help from the Well, I am down a total of 53 pounds!

Before I came to the Well, I had very low self-esteem and was always self-conscience about my appearance. I never felt comfortable in my own skin and always felt bloated.

Now, I feel GREAT! I am so grateful for my husband giving me the opportunity to be a part of the Well. I would also like to give a very big thank you to my clinician, who has been so supportive during my struggle to lose weight. The Well has taught me how to eat properly and that, through nutritional support, I can allow my body to heal itself. We believe in the Well so much that we have our two boys coming as well. I am so grateful to the Well for helping to restore my self-confidence and for always maintaining an atmosphere of support of positivity.

I would like to give a special thanks to Dr. Jon for helping me with nerve issues I was experiencing in my arms and hands. I was never a big believer in chiropractic until Dr. Jon was able cure my nerve issues that were misdiagnosed as carpal tunnel. Dr. Jon also helped me with my plantar fasciitis through adjustments and educating me about proper footwear. I put my complete faith in the Well and I feel so lucky and blessed to be a part of the Well.

Thank you to everyone at the Well of Life who has created a truly special place of healing and for helping me feel like the person I always wanted to be.


I had shortness of breath, severe pain, and weighed 332 lbs. I could not walk far and needed a scooter to shop. I was lethargic, spent most of the time sitting in my chair. I needed a 45 min break to vacuum 3 small rooms. Health in general was fading fast.

I was able to breathe normal after about 2 weeks. After 7 months, my weight is down to 269 lbs. I can shop without a scooter. I have lots of energy. I can do my own yard work, clean house, and vacuum 5 rooms without needing a break. My health in general is the best I have felt in 15 to 20 years. The pain in my body from my muscle disease is down to about 40% less. I cut out 70% prescription drugs including 50% decrease in pain killers and pills that I had been taking 36 years.


Chronic Pain & Fibromyalgia

I had been diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 2006, but maintained high blood levels that made me further questions my diagnosis, turned out it was RA. I was unhappy with the answers of “here, take this drug…” I sought for answers to naturally heal my body. I heard Tiffany’s testimony at a tea and thought I’d try it. I was tired of pain. I’m happy I did!

Since coming to the Well, I have had no pain—my body is healing! I’ve had so much energy and in general, I feel happy again! I can care for my family and home the way I want to. I can keep up with my kids—I can care for my handicap son without back or hip pain.

I am thankful to the Well for giving me my life back—for pulling me closer to God in all ways, wisdom and diet. I’m thankful for the health restored to the rest of my family- including my son. He’s never seen a day without antibiotics until coming here. For the first time in his 27 years, he is healthy and he glows with that joy. We all do!

As a family, we all look forward to enjoying this new life—praising God for the wisdom and outpouring of love from each person at the Well. We are incredibly thankful to you all.


In December, I was getting sick weekly. By February I had been in the E.R. 5 times and by March, I wasn’t able to function at all! I wasn’t able to attend school with the abdominal pain, vomiting and dizziness. I saw many specialists and completed many procedures/exams. The only finding was my CRP blood level was very high, indicating inflammation somewhere in my body. In May, my mom brought me to the Well of Life.

Now I feel amazing! I am now able to do more activities and I’ll be starting school back up in the fall for my senior year. I’m back to my normal self. I LOVE IT!


I came to the Well with symptoms of upper back and neck pain, lower back and leg pain, and foot pain – in both feet. Pain every day; Motrin and Tylenol every day.

Now, all of my pain is around 90% better. Since coming to see Dr. Jon, I am able to sleep better than before. I also started going back to the gym!


A friend told me about the Well of Life Center and how good he felt since starting there. I decided to give it a try to see if I could enhance my health. I suffered with neck and shoulder pain for about 20 years.

So far, I am feeling a lot better and have better looking skin. I have more energy and I feel so much better than I did; my clinician is doing a good job on my health. I have also started getting massages at the Well, and I no longer have pain in my neck and shoulders. Now I get only a slight twinge once in a while. My nutrition and massage appointments have made my life so much better.


I came to the Well looking for answers and solutions – I was exhausted and in constant pain.

Now, I feel like the Lord has given me my life back! I have less pain and tons more energy. I now feel hopeful that this isn’t my life-perm. Encouraged that I have the energy to minister to our children.


I was experiencing back discomfort and was feeling sluggish and uncomfortable. I was straying from what I know I need to do to keep my body strong and feeling well. I kept thinking I can do this on my own; as my symptoms became more and more noticeable, I knew what I needed to do: pick up the phone and call the Well of Life Center.

Now, I am feeling so much better! The back symptoms are gone and I have more energy. Inspired by the encouraging words of my clinician, I am considering doing a Well of Life detox program.


Digestive Issues

I was suffering from a lot of lower abdominal/back aches and pains; urinary tract infections; and yeast infections. I experienced extreme PMS edginess and very cold feet. I was gassy, bloated and diagnosed with IBS and diverticulitis.

All of these symptoms have disappeared or diminished greatly within the first week of treatment AND I’ve lost those last unhealthy pounds. I feel calmer, more focused and more energetic. I am able to go to bed and sleep at a normal hour and get a full night of restful sleep and my feet aren’t cold anymore at night.


Our son was so sick and due to his stomach pain and bathroom habits, we were confined to our home. He was no longer a boy who could play or enjoy much at all. After months of doctors visits and tests, there were still no answers.

He has made a 100% improvement pretty much overnight from his first visit with Cynthia. Following a strict diet and taking supplements has completely given our son his “normal” life back.


Having been diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis, I have been under physician’s care. I was being given an I.V. drug every eight weeks and taking oral medication three times a day. This was to control my symptoms. The doctors told me that I would be on the medications for a long time, possibly forever.

I have been visiting the Well of Life for only several months and I have stopped taking the I.V. medicine. I have also started to slow down the use of my oral medication. I feel the best that I have felt in a long time. I have the energy to do things again. So far I have been able to control all of the symptoms of U.C.


In 1999, I began battling all kinds of intestinal problems. I suffered extreme pain in my abdomen, along with significant bowel irregularities. My way of handling this was to try and eat foods that did not cause me any pain. The problem with that however, was the foods I ate were high in carbohydrates and low in nutritional value.

The burden of being forced to eat badly in order to handle my pain (temporarily), weighed heavily on my conscience, as I have always been passionate about nutrition. I fought bouts of depression, malnourishment, anemia and lethargy. One night, my husband had to carry me to bed after he came home to find me curled in a ball on the floor, paralyzed in agony.

My husband and I were very proactive in our efforts to find me some relief. After visiting many so-called “specialists,” we were told that it “appeared” my issue was Irritable Bowel Syndrome: a relatively recent epidemic which most medical professionals have a hard time explaining, let alone treating.

We finally chose to walk away from the conventional medical community when one of the “specialists” prescribed me a pharmaceutical drug, which was potentially addictive and was under investigation for its possible involvement in the death of 6-7 people.

This is when we found the Well of Life Center and the miracle of Nutrition Response Testing. After only two weeks of treatment with Cynthia, I was able to eat an apple for the first time in 7 years.

I am now happy to report that I am doing awesome, and my entire family has gone organic. My hope is that I can one day share my knowledge with all the people I see daily who experience all kinds of nutritional and dietary issues and help them achieve wellness.


1940’s-1950’s: We ate locally grown fruit, vegetables, and meat. Foods were canned/frozen for fall or winter use. Our meals were home-cooked and nutritionally well-balanced. Vitamin pills were issued every day. We ate out infrequently. I experienced no digestion problems.

1960’s-1970’s: On my own, I would often choose and serve food that tasted good, but the nutritional value was questionable. Ice cream, cheese, rich desserts were always a favorite.

1980’s-2000’s: In my 50/60’s, I began to notice I couldn’t eat foods containing dairy and butter. A definite pattern emerged when I ate food containing diary.

Symptoms: gas, a hardness “lump” in my abdomen, bowel irregularity, diarrhea, constipation, and bloating.

Testing: Parasitic: negative. Colonoscopy: normal. Lactose intolerance: not clear. Medical information: reported mid-sixties women often develop lactose intolerance.

Feelings: I always felt like there was a “civil war” going on in my stomach. I had to focus too much on my diet and digestion. It became an issue when I was invited out.

My treatment: I took Beano for the gas; Metamucil to help with irregularity; massaged my abdomen to make the lumps move; non elastic waistbands to avoid the bloating. I just prayed I wouldn’t faint if I felt lightheaded. My gastroenterologist recommended I just avoid eating dairy altogether. I still had a problem and it wasn’t getting any better. I felt stuck.

2012-Present: In June 2012, I came to the Well of Life and finally everything began to change for me. I am feeling so much better. The integrated approach makes so much sense. The symptoms I mentioned above have all disappeared, and I’m not experiencing a raw feeling in my digestive tract. There are still foods I cannot eat, but I’m learning what foods are good substitutes. My nutritional IQ is improving. The cooking classes have aided in this! Overall, what am I feeling? A feeling of well-being!


When I came to the Well of Life, I was hoping to get help with my long time issues with IBS, sinus congestion, acid reflux, and heart burn. I also sought help for arthritis, which started many years ago, and gradually gets more painful. I had heartburn and acid reflux for many years. Doctors prescribed rx’s, and I took several different ones for probably about 15 years.

I wanted to have regular bowel movements. I tried various fiber products, recommended by my doctors. My abdomen always felt heavy and bloated, seldom having a complete bowel movement (not a comfortable feeling)

For my sinus congestions, I would take over the counter products which left me feeling spaced out.

Seven weeks ago, when I started meeting with my clinician, my gut was rated at zero percent. As of my last visit, I am at 80%. I am gradually getting on a schedule. I don’t remember when my abdomen felt so good. Still have some days that are not perfect, but I am sure I will get there.

The recipes and supplements have worked like a miracle to help me with sinus congestion. I am hoping to avoid a sinus infection this winter. In the past, I would have ended up with an antibiotic.

Heartburn and acid reflux, for me, goes back 15-20 years ago. Doctors always ordered prescriptions. With the healing I have found at the Well of Life Center, I no longer need to take my prescription Prilosec for heartburn. The Well’s supplements and recipes have been responsible for all my success to date.

The arthritis pain has not yet subsided, but hopefully that is in my future.


I came to the Well because of an ongoing battle with ulcerative colitis and a recent diagnosis of Kidney disease. A friend referred me to the Well. I was hesitant at first. I was willing to try anything at that point. For the last several years, I have been suffering from fatigue, chronic diarrhea, back pain, mood swings, insomnia, constant food cravings, and kidney pain to name a few. I felt hopeless. My first day at the Well was the day after I was released from the hospital with a severe UC flare.

Since coming to the Well 3 months ago, I am sleeping through the night and able to fall asleep now. I use the bathroom regularly and my kidney pain has diminished. My kidney function has improved also. I feel much better. I feel like there is a hope I didn’t have before. The Well has been the answer to many prayers!


I was diagnosed with IBS and tried 2 different medications which did not help with bloating. After several tests – CAT scan, gall bladder test and having a scope down my throat which did not solve my problem, I decided to try the Well of Life. I also have intolerance for salt foods. My feet and hands swell. I had trouble falling asleep. It took me anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour to fall asleep. I suffered from many headaches – pressure and migraines. I also had many aches in my neck and shoulders.

Now, I feel amazing! I feel like I used to when I was a kid. I lost 8 pounds and no longer have the neck pains. I am able to fall asleep within 5 minutes. I am not bloating after each meal. I wake up feeling refreshed and have more energy to last the entire day. I feel like a new person! I get an occasional headache but it is not as intense as before. Thank you Well of Life for improving my life!


I came to the Well of Life to get a different perspective and get different answers than the ones I have been receiving the last decade. I was intrigued and inspired by Cynthia’s story because it was similar to my own. I liked the mission of the Well and what they stood for! Before I came to the Well, I felt my quality of life was far from what it should be especially for being 30 years old, when my life was just beginning. A case of salmonella left me with a host of GI symptoms and headaches, fatigue, joint pain, heartburn, and chronic diarrhea. Later found out that test results showed Celiac Disease and Ulcerative Colitis. After more than a decade of frustrating and anxiety along with being unresponsive to medicines, I knew I needed to embark on a journey that will lead me to a more natural way of living and that is when I found the Well of Life.

Since I have started at the Well, I feel relieved and happy. I have seen significant changes in my overall health and that gives me a great sense of peace. I changed my diet and began taking whole food supplements and quickly felt more energized and best of all—less frequent bowel movements! I learned a large part of my problems were parasites or little monsters as I like to call them. They mimic symptoms of Celiac and Ulcerative Colitis. I also enhanced the healing process by taking up acupuncture, massage, and chiropractic services and they have helped me tremendously. I could go on and on but I will be forever grateful for the Well and how they changed my life. I look forward to continuing my journey at the Well of Life.


I started going to the Well of Life in February 2019. I had just gotten out of the hospital and was just diagnosed with Chron’s disease. I was constantly in pain and tired all the time.

Since I have been going to the Well and seeing Cynthia my symptoms are almost gone. I can eat without pain. I have energy. I actually enjoy eating food rather than worrying about what pain it may cause later on. Well of Life has helped me so much during this Chron’s journey and has helped me avoid having to go on steroids.


I came to the Well because I have had persistent stomach issues for the past four or five years. After many trips to the GI doctor and a couple to a chiropractor, I came away with nothing but a diagnosis of “belching” and a corn sensitivity. None of it was considered treatable (aside from avoiding corn). Upon coming to the Well, I was feeling discouraged, was continually sick to my stomach, and was starting to give up on feeling better.

The Well has given me a sense of hope, although it feels like a long process. For a long time, I didn’t see any improvements. I have started to feel like I have energy again and in the last week or two my stomach issues have begun to subside. I am hopeful that I can heal, but I am not feeling better yet.


I came to the Well because I was experiencing a lot of pain with digestive problems. I had these pains for quite some time. I began to feel so much better within 2 weeks of coming to the Well. It has been such a wonderful experience. I not only feel better but I have learned so much about how to maintain a healthy life style. Everyone is so supportive and encouraging in helping me feel better.


I brought my son to the Well with symptoms including cyclic vomiting, eczema, constipation, fatigue, food allergies, and mysterious viruses. After several different doctors and specialists, no one could figure out why he was always sick. He has spent the last 4 years of his life suffering from different symptoms.

Since coming to the Well, his bowel movements are regular. He sleeps through the night. He would cyclically vomit every 3 weeks like clockwork. Since coming to the Well 3 months ago, he has only had 1 episode of cyclic vomiting. We are so blessed to have found the Well and continue to have hope when there was once none.



I came to the Well for hope and inspiration! I was feeling tired and without energy at the end of my day. Right after eating, I would lay down, doze off and wake in time to do the dishes, wash up, and go to sleep. I also had a lot of digestive issues that plagued me for colon cancer. I wanted to lose weight but was unsuccessful. My friend had great success at the Well so I thought I would try it myself.

Since I have started, I have noticed a new found energy. My digestive issues have seemed to have lessened and I am excited to hopefully have them go away for good. Through learning about good and bad choices, I make better choices for myself and I am so thankful to my clinicians for helping me and for God who basically pointed me in the direction of the Well of Life.


Received a referral from a friend and came for a general health assessment. I struggled with chronic fatigue and joint pain for months prior to my visit. Frequently got flu and colds and had menstrual irregularities after history of normal cycle patterns. Also, I sought out assistance with nutrition that would help my body, as I ate many processed foods and was addicted to refined sugar. Also, had an 18 year old adult onset egg allergy that hindered my protein intake and limited breakfast choices.

Now, I feel fantastic!! Within 1 month of my initial visit, my joint pain and fatigue were gone. I lost 10 lbs, and my body no longer rejected eggs. Changing my diet and using the supplements totally changed my health for the better and I feel energetic and vibrant.


I’ve always, to my estimation, felt very healthy, although I would often get tired while driving. I also felt bloated quite often and had a hard time keeping away from sugar and would eat a lot of sweets. While doing weightlifting and jogging, I would sometimes feel that I should have more energy.

I now feel tremendous in every way! I was taken off Creotine and Glutamine, which I was faithfully using for 10 years. I am eating as directed, using every supplement as directed, I have abundant energy – am continually increasing poundage and intensity and running cross country effortlessly with power to burn. Since I’ve begun my program with Cynthia, (approx. 5 weeks) I no longer crave or desire sugar at all. For the first time in over 10 years my cholesterol has gone from 225 to 183. My pants size has gone from 38” to less than 34”. My ability to think is greatly improved. If I get to feeling any better I’ll have to scream!! Every day is approached now as (nutritionally speaking) a new adventure to fine tune and achieve more of the same. Truly – I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Thank you Cynthia!


I brought my daughter to see Cynthia because she had been having flu-like symptoms for several months and no one could figure out what was wrong with her. She was lethargic, achy, nauseous, and complained of feeling warm all the time but had no fever. She would feel like this for a couple of weeks, then would appear to get better, then relapse a few days later. I had taken her to the pediatrician a few times, had several rounds of blood work done, and had even taken her to CHOP and still we had no answers. So we came to the Well for help!

After only one visit, I began to see an improvement in my daughter. Cynthia found that she had suffered from a hyper thyroid. Since she started taking supplements for this, she has not only improved, but is doing even better than she was before this whole ordeal. I now realize that some of the things she was suffering from previously were also a result of her thyroid in distress. Now, she was regular bowel movements everyday (instead of prior bouts with constipation and diarrhea) and no longer complains of being too hold or too cold when outdoors in summer or winter.


I came to the Well after hearing of the total body balance approach told to me by a friend who had been a patient. I had been dealing with adrenal exhaustion off and on for approximately 10 years which had been exasperated by Lyme’s Disease which wasn’t treated properly. (4 years ago) I had low energy most of time.

Mentally and emotionally, I feel better because I know I am getting my organ systems in proper balance. Physically, my energy is better now—not where I would like yet, but in the right direction.


I had fatigue, and an overall feeling of being unwell. Dependence on medications, dependence on sugar and caffeine and overeating.

I feel like my body is working better overall. I experience better bowel movements and I feel more energy and focus.


I have lupus and it was affecting my legs with weakness, so much so that I couldn’t walk a lot and was out of work for 3 months. I also have severe fatigue and joint pain and numbness in my face. I also had a lot of digestive issues. I felt horrible before I came to the Well. The doctors just wanted to give me more and more medicine that wasn’t working anyway.

Now, I feel like I have my life back! I have been medicine free since I have come here over 2 years ago! My legs are feeling better and I don’t struggle with fatigue, numbness, and restless legs and feeling lousy. My clinicians have been so great and loving through all of this.



My 11 year old daughter started coming to the Well shortly after I began. She had been “diagnosed” with a life-threatening peanut allergy as a toddler. We only knew what the pediatric allergist had told us: based on how severe she was, he had told us that we had fifteen minutes to administer 3 emergency medications and get her to the hospital if she ate peanuts! We lived in fear of this for almost her whole life. There is nothing scarier for a parent than being told your daughter could die. Then we brought her here… After working on healing her body, Cynthia gradually started introducing peanuts to her body – first in her hand, then she put peanut butter on her skin, etc. I watched in amazement how Cynthia handled each response her body gave with nutrition that would help build each deficiency.

Cynthia did this gradually, never doing anything that my daughter’s body wasn’t ready to handle. Week to week, we saw improvement. She was no longer having any oral reactions to the peanuts being placed in her mouth! Cynthia was actually “teaching” her body to handle the presence of peanuts. Finally, it came time to see if she could ingest them. I have always trusted that Cynthia knew what she was doing. My daughter has not been able to move past getting worked up emotionally when she eats the peanuts, so her mental response was to throw them up. After all, she was told since she was 2 that she should be scared of eating peanuts! The first time she ate them, she kept them in her body for 4 hours before she threw them up.

This was a SUCCESS! What I realized is that SHE DIDN’T DIE! She had eaten peanuts – a few of them, and other than some stomach discomfort – she was FINE! What a relief! We let her decide that it was time to stop challenging her body with the peanuts after a few trials. She wasn’t fond of feeling nauseous – so we stopped for now.

The blessing is that Cynthia got her to the point where we don’t have to be so driven by this fear anymore. We really don’t care if she can actually eat peanuts. We’re just so grateful to know that if she ever did, she would have stomach upset, but not all these severe reactions the doctors had us living in fear of. Her body is still healing. I am hopeful that as her body continues to get better and better – her reaction to peanuts will lessen more and more. We’ve been here less than a year, so we are more than pleased with our progress.


I had not run competitively in 35 years. I had been swimming until I developed an allergic reaction to chlorine. I developed other allergies (pollen, dust, etc.) and sleep apnea with more colds than ever before. When I started training I was not able to make it around the track one time. I was 20 lbs. over weight.

With the nutrition program and breathing exercises for the sleep apnea I have not had any symptoms for over a year. No allergic reactions to pollen or dust for almost three years. Sleep apnea has subsided and now I can sleep on my back without waking myself up choking in terror. I dropped 25 lbs. in the first four months, and then gained 5 lbs. back once my workouts had helped replace fat with muscle. I won three gold medals and one silver medal in USA Track and Field Mid-Atlantic & Eastern Regional Championship.


I struggled with pain in both of my wrists before I came to the Well. This occurred when driving, writing, and playing instruments. I felt sluggish and tired in general before I came to the Well. I also struggled with allergies. I was taking two different allergy medications and other supplements all trying to treat the problem. I was also struggling with eating right and weight.

Now, I am feeling great! I have more energy! I also have little to NO wrist pain. I am currently off ALL allergy medications, and only take Antronex once a day to help with drainage. I eat healthier and have lost a little bit of weight! I also understand more about how food affects my body and why it is so important to healthier.


Asthma & Breathing Issues

I suddenly could no longer breathe when I ran. This happened in the middle of my freshman year of high school and I had never had trouble breathing before. We went to conventional doctors and did every kind of pulmonary and heart test we could. We couldn’t find a problem. I couldn’t breathe like this for two years before I came to Cynthia. I could not breathe and the testing said I was fine.

Now that I have been under the Well of Life treatment for one month, I have been back to my prior health, but even better. I can now run sprints without any issues at all, something completely impossible before I came! I could not be more grateful for the complete turn around in health that the Well of Life has provided. It has been a true blessing! I am 100%! Thank You Well of Life Center!!


My daughter was on daily medication for asthma and allergies. The first success was getting her free of those medications! As Cynthia worked with her, she found out what was stressing her body and gave her proper nutrition to help her. To date, my little girl, who had chronic sinus infections and respiratory symptoms every winter, has gone through her healthiest winter ever! Completely free of any medications, inhalers, nebulizers, and the like. My husband looked at her most recent report card and pointed out how she had hardly any absences this school year, compared to last year when she had so many issues. Spring has come early this year, and with it, I would usually see my daughter having symptoms. So far, so good! It can be scary having a child with respiratory issues – but understanding WHY gives you the ability to address it correctly. That’s what they do here at the Well!


I had pulmonary embolisms in my lungs, pain in rib cage, lethargy and dizziness accompanied it. I was like this for eight weeks. My hair was falling out, I was unable to walk for two weeks and because I was on Cumadin, the doctors could not treat the kidney stones the doctors detected.

After two hours of seeing Cynthia my pain started subsiding. In two days the pain was gone completely. The kidney stones were gone after a few weeks and I was off of Cumadin. The doctors were amazed. After being healed from the kidney stones, we began working on the asthma and arthritis, which I had for 30 years. I am now not taking any asthma medications and my joints have begun to straighten out. In addition, I lost 75 lbs.


I have asthma, so I was on a steroid inhaler for four years. The medicine made me feel sick to my stomach and made my glands hurt, which my doctor refused to believe. I also had a stomach ache most every time I ate. My joints would ache unless I took glucosamine everyday.

Currently, I do not have joint pain. I no longer take glucosamine. I also no longer take Pepcid for stomach discomfort, because I am free of pain. Lastly, and most importantly, I have successfully stopped taking my inhaler! I feel like I can really get a good, deep breath. I have improved greatly in only four weeks!


Before the Well, I suffered from asthma.

I just had a breakthrough moment when thinking about my hard times with asthma over the past three years. I realized that they all followed almost immediately after being in a high sugar situation for a few days. I am now a believer that sugar is my trigger for my asthma. I have also lost 28 pounds since my first visit to the Well of Life Center and still counting!


PMS, Menopause, & Menstrual Issues

I came to the Well in the summer of 2014 in search to find the cause of multiple health issues. I had been suffering for about 10 years. These problems were, at times, debilitating, they included chronic daily dizziness, migraines, no menstrual cycle, digestive problems, and an overall poor wellbeing. My life before the Well started to help me, was full of anxiety and weekly sick days. I was never able to work a full week and at times, couldn’t even drive myself anywhere. The medical community completely failed me. I had every test done by over 5 different doctors from ENT’s to neurologists and they couldn’t do anything but prescribe me harsh drugs that never even gave me relief from any of my problems.

Since the summer of 2014 (6 months ago), I have had 3 periods! That’s more than I have had in 2 years, so that was huge! My dizziness is at a point where I can work a full 40-hour work week and haven’t called out sick in over 4 months. The path I am on is so incredible and I feel so blessed that I found the Well for they have given me a completely new lease on life. I have truly not felt this good in years and am so excited on how I will be in the future as I progress with the help of my Clinician.


Before coming to the Well, I was very moody, with severe and painful PMS symptoms, fingernail and toenail fungus, puffy eyes with dark circles, fatigue, and worry over the possibility of the return of my ulcerative colitis symptoms.

Now, my PMS symptoms are much better. While I still have toenail fungus, my fingernail fungus has gone away. My dark, puffy eyes are not as bad, by bowel movements are much better, and my skin is clearer!


Being a sixteen year old struggling with nearly severe cystic acne, I came to the Well primarily for hormonal regulation and balance. Additionally, I came to the Well in hopes that they would address my digestive issues and adrenals as I was often nauseous and lacking energy.

Since my first visit, I have felt less nauseous consistently and more energy. My hormones have increasingly balanced and I now maintain a regularly monthly cycle.


Overall Health & Miscellaneous Issues

I felt discomfort and nauseous almost everyday and just never felt good. It was affecting my everyday attitude and lifestyle because it put me in a miserable mood.

Overall I feel much healthier, not only physically but also mentally. Because of the Well of Life I now eat healthier, live a healthier lifestyle and now have structure to my level of nutritious eating.


I am not sure I would still be alive if I never came to the Well of Life. I was on a downward spiral and no one that I was seeing had any idea what was going on. From doctors to specialists to homeopathic nutritionists; no one could help me.

Not only has my health completely improved in miraculous ways but I am more centered, grounded and connected with myself and my maker. Cynthia and the rest of the people at the center have been given a great gift, a gift to bring healing in so many ways. My lifestyle has completely changed and the things that were holding me back do not anymore.


We brought our son to the Well because he is/was in chronic liver failure and we wanted to see if there was help outside of the medical community. He was BAD – really bad. He was not able to get along with other kids, younger and older, he wasn’t eating healthfully, he was having a lot of accidents and missing the toilet, and he was going to the doctor very often due to getting sick a lot.

Now, he is feeling, in his words, a LOT LOT better – way better than he felt before. He only has about 5 accidents a month now, instead of 9 each day. He hasn’t been sick in a while, and feels pretty good overall.


Before the Well, I had no energy, found it hard to sleep at night, and had sugar cravings.

Now, I have more energy, am able to think clearly, able to make decisions – each day able to make a healthy choice for my life. I no longer need sugar, and find it easier to sleep.


I had lymphodema of the foot – very swollen – for 14 years! Heat made it worse.

Now, after just 1 month at the Well, my foot looks like my other foot – after 14 years!


Before coming to the Well of Life Center, my son had headaches, stomachaches, constipation, irritable, sluggish, hard to concentrate, low energy, puffiness, and overloaded senses (sensory problems). Now, he has no headaches, no stomachaches, no constipation, normal irritability, concentration way up, lots of energy, weight loss, and an overall an unbelievable change.


I was having a large amount of arthritis pain and I was just getting over the second virus that I had. It had completely wiped me out and made me miss about a month of school. The Well has been a world of difference and now I don’t believe that I will get as sick as I was.

Mom’s Note: The biggest indicator of how well she is doing is her school attendance. She’s gone from regularly missing 2-3 days a month to excellent attendance. She hasn’t gotten any colds or stomach bugs this fall either.


I came because as I was getting older I wanted to feel better about myself, prevent taking more and more medications and to stay healthy.

I now wake up clear headed and ready to take on the day. My monthly migraine headaches are almost completely gone. I have lost weight and can now fight colds much easier.


On August 23, 2006, I was miserable; felt like dying. I had a foot ulcer about 3 ½” x 2 ½” at least ¼” deep, oozing on ankle. I could barely walk. I had to use a walker. It was the most painful thing I ever felt. I was also overweight, could not lose any more. I was at the end of my rope. Also I had a tiny ulcer starting on my other foot.

After 6 visits, the ulcer is now down to ¼” and healed all around. The supplements balanced my inner self so that it could heal and with them and the proper nutrition as directed by Cynthia I have healed beautifully and am slowly losing weight. I no longer need a cane and will soon get rid of the covering bandage.


I was floundering, not happy with my weight and had no energy. I was not sleeping well, developed a rash on my lower extremities which was driving me crazy. I couldn’t even walk for 2 minutes straight without having problems.

My physical health is improving on a consistent basis. I’ve lowered my total cholesterol by 23 points (it has been on the high end of the normal range). My glucose level dropped by 13 points (was also high-normal). I have more energy overall, sleep well, skin irritation is few and far between but best of all I did a 10 minute walk and could walk up the stairs without stopping on the way.


I first came to the Well of Life after witnessing a miraculous turn around in one daughter who had been seriously ill; seeing a different daughter respond quickly to 1 month of treatment (which ultimately helped her avoid major surgery) and listening to the lecture on the Truth about Cholesterol. I was already concerned that I was on a statin and decided the moment the lecture was over, to call and make an appointment. In general, I had arrived at the latter point of middle age and had collected a variety of conditions and disease labels, including diabetes, hypo-thyroidism, and GERD. I felt sick, overweight, tired, depressed and frustrated. I was tired of having doctor’s appointments, getting blood drawn, and worrying about my health and experiencing the decline. My symptoms and healing are best described by what I no longer have and what I no longer take in the way of medications.

Approximately 1 year later: I will start at the top of my head and go down explaining what has improved. I will give some percentages, in the case of things I am still working on, but have greatly improved thus far. My hair is soft and not falling out. My eyes are rarely dry or itchy. My acne rosacea is largely controlled. I do not grind my teeth. I rarely have junk in my throat and the accompanying cough or throat clearing. My skin (all over) is vastly improved from dryness, scaling, bags under my eyes, skin tone, rashes, raw skin in certain areas, pimply- bumpy skin in other areas. Nails are much better, going through some reverses during detox. I don’t have heart palpitations anymore and have largely worked through angina episodes. Episodes of difficulty swallowing have passed for some time now. Heartburn/GERD is gone! I am off the proton-pump inhibitor! Mine was not a purple pill, it was pink and black. When I burp or pass gas, I think it odd because it is so much rarer now. I have regular bowel movements (2-3 per day) for the most party…that will become more perfected as I continue. My brain fog is 90-95% improved! I am off my statin! My cholesterol is no longer dangerously low at 111, but is about 200. All other bloodwork results are in normal range. I am nearly off of my diabetic medication (I take ½ of a pill) and my sugars are fine, I am off 1 of my blood pressure medications and now only take ½ of 1 pill. BP is fine! I no longer take a diuretic! Leg pain, especially when sleeping, is 95% gone. Libido is making a comeback. “Personal complaints” nearly gone. Episodes of crashing tiredness gone! Lost 20lbs without effort; just part of the getting well process. Calluses and cracked heels much improved. I stopped using cancer causing antiperspirants, use a salt stick and do not have trouble with odor often at this stage. I don’t take pain medication, antacids, cold medications, or use steroid creams any longer. I thank God that He led me to the place where people are dedicated to using wisdom and learning to lead clients to health and restoration of our bodies the way God created them to be—self healing and self-regulating! Complete healing of all facets is just around the corner. My weekly visits have given way to visits 4-6 weeks apart. Praise God!


I was diagnosed as being anemic when I was in high school, and it was a deficiency that had plagued me in many different ways throughout the years. I was always tired, even while on iron supplements, and frequently took naps in the middle of the day, finding that I just couldn’t function without one. I was often light-headed or dizzy, which, at times, kept me from going to work. I was also very susceptible to sicknesses, which, when working in a daycare, meant that I was often coming down with whatever illness the children were suffering from.

Sick and tired of feeling so sick and tired, I went to my family doctor to see if there was anything I could do, other than taking my iron supplements, that would give me better quality of life. In short, the answer was “no.” So, I decided to find someone that understood the body and the way it works, instead of just what medicine can do to the body. I had begun looking into nutritionists when my sister-in-law, and then my mother, began coming to Cynthia.

After learning everything I could about the Well of Life Center, I decided to try it out. I was still skeptical about the method, and more than a little worried about the dietary restrictions. On my first visit, I was fascinated the moment I felt and saw the difference between a weak and strong muscle indicator. As my clinician continued testing me, she began listing symptoms I was most likely feeling. She was spot-on, even identifying symptoms that I had not written down on my New Client paperwork. I left my first visit intrigued and a little amazed at what my body had told her.

Within the first couple of weeks of coming to the Well, I began feeling a change in my energy level. I found that I could withstand the stresses of the day, instead of feeling overwhelmed by them. My bowels had regulated themselves, I was rarely dizzy or lightheaded, and I had a better feeling of overall well-being.


I suffered from high glucose levels, high cholesterol, huge reflux, fatigue.

Now, my fatigue issues are better, cholesterol is down, no reflux, glucose is lowered, sleep quality improved, more consistent bowel movements.


I had surgery on a torn labrum in my right shoulder. The after effects were 102 degree fever, dizziness, bothered stomach, and my thumb on my right hand was numb since the surgery and my fingernails stopped growing for three months. I had an extra bone growth on my humerous of the same arm, which grew 10-fold during this time. The doctors did not know what the fever was from after many tests and did not want to address the problem of the bone growth.

Cynthia told me I had a bacterial infection in my stomach, large & small intestines, and my immune and lymphatic systems were very weak. Everything about post-op troubles made sense – the fever, stomach misery, enlarged lymph gland in my mid-section. Then she addressed the bone growth on my humerous. Within 48 hours the pain throughout the day practically disappeared. The therapists I was seeing after the surgery both noticed improvement in my range of motion in my arm. This experience has been extremely beneficial and thoroughly enlightening.


I kept getting lumps in my breasts, which would eventually be diagnosed as cysts. Then I would be sent to a surgeon to have them expressed. The last time the cysts were multiple and clustered. I asked my doctor why my body keeps producing them and suggested that we explore for the underlying cause, to which he replied that it was nothing to worry about, they’re just cysts, and lots of people are just prone to getting them. I didn’t agree with him, and then I found Cynthia at Well of Life!

What I didn’t understand when I first came to Well of Life was that I had many issues going on, not just the cysts. I was tired often, my skin wasn’t pretty, I didn’t have any energy; life was generally boring. I had just thought that all these things were relative to being 45 years old – just accept it. Cynthia proved that to be wrong. My body wasn’t working properly. I feel 10-15 years younger. I lost that extra 15 pounds, my skin looks wonderful. I don’t have to take a nap everyday after work. I’m actually feeling very HAPPY! And blessed to have the support of everyone at Well of Life!


As a 61 year old male, my two years at the Well have improved my own health in ways that I would have never achieved on my own. I no longer have heartburn at night and I have stepped away from the cholesterol medicine that was causing back pain issues. A nice side effect to all this is that I have lost 20 pounds without really trying and kept it off! In addition, I have recently realized that I just don’t’ get sick, i.e., colds, etc. as cyclically before. I work in a school where germs get passed quite easily too. The exercise program has helped strengthen my core, alleviate back pain, and the cooking classes are just plain fun. The delicious, healthy, and easy recipes have added variety to our diet. These are all major plusses that contribute to living an active lifestyle in the last trimester of life.


I came to the Well of Life to take responsibility for my health. I always felt foggy and exhausted. My stomach was always bloated and uncomfortable. Before the Well, I had cystic acne on my face. I felt I was always struggling to just feel balanced.

Since I have started coming to the Well my health has greatly improved. I am no longer foggy or exhausted. My stomach issues are gone. I have lost over 20 pounds and I have more energy. My face has significantly cleared up. I honestly feel wondering, and it continues to improve. It is amazing to understand the healing capabilities our bodies have if we give them what is needed. I am so thankful to the Well for guiding me in my journey.


I was having internal tremors lasting as long as 15 days at a time. It is hard to put into words how bad these made me feel at all times. After two years of several tests and many doctor visits between 3 doctors, I was not improving. They even told me they did not know what was wrong. I reached the point where I felt just could not live if I had to live feeling this badly.

Now, I am feeling so much better, so much healthier. No tremors! I have been told by several people that I look so well. Some people told me that they had been worried about me as I looked so poorly, my eyes were cloudy, but now they were crystal clear.


I came to the Well of Life when the doctors had no answers to my health issues. My throat had closed up, I had a rash, I was overweight, breathing was ragged and labored. My throat was swollen. I had anxiety and digestive issues. I showed up with Lyme resonance. I’d wake up at night for a couple hours. I was exhausted!

Since coming to the Well I’ve been progressively getting healthier and stronger. My energy level is amazing. I’m sleeping incredibly well. I’ve lost over 30 pounds. Swallowing food is getting easier again. I’m calm! I haven’t been calm in years. I can sit in the passenger seat while my husband drives and not panic! My digestion is working great. I didn’t realize how sick I was!


Before coming to the Well of Life Center, I struggled on a day to day basis with horrible symptoms. I was diagnosed with many chronic illnesses, and at only 21 years old, I did not have much hope for my future. I had lost all independence in my life and did not see how I would ever be able to live a “normal” adult life.

My existence revolved around going to doctor’s appointments weekly, driving hours to see new specialists hoping that they would make a difference, and taking whatever prescriptions were prescribed to me. Despite following all the doctor’s orders and “doing everything right,” I was still sick, and my health continued to decline. I was scared of what would happen if I did not start to get better. I was desperate and knew I had to make a change and try something new.

I started seeing Cynthia at the Well of Life Center in July 2019, and she has completely changed my life. Without Cynthia’s help, I would still be a sick girl curled in her bed with no hope for the future. I am now 22 years old, off all my prescription medications, and feel better than ever. I have little to no symptoms on a daily basis, and I am finally able to participate in my life. I can’t even put into words how incredibly thankful I am that I started coming to the Well. Thinking of how Cynthia has changed my life over the past year brings tears to my eyes, and I am forever grateful to her. If you are reading this and considering coming here, I highly recommend it. I cannot stress it enough, please give The Well of Life Center a try. You WON’T regret it, and you’ll be glad that you did.


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