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Spa for Men

Indulge in relaxation at our spa for men.

The spa experience is not just for women – your skin and muscles need attention, too. Combat the stresses of everyday life or ease away the strain of an active lifestyle with our select line of spa services for men.

Spa Services for Men


Gentleman's Facial

Facials are important for men, as they often have oilier skin, larger pores, and more sun damage than do women. The Gentleman’s Facial is formulated to address common problems for men, like razor burn, ingrown hairs, dullness, and sensitivity. Our estheticians are experts in analyzing, protecting, and correcting your skin, and they can tailor your facial to your unique needs, be it healing from acne, reversing damage from the elements like sun and wind, or simply diminishing the signs of aging. Come in for a facial, and you will leave feeling like a brand new gentleman.


Our bacial, or back facial, is formulated specifically for the skin of the back, addressing common problems, including dry, irritated skin, clogged pores, and acne. This bacial includes a deep cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, and hydration, all designed to clarify the skin for a healthy back.

Therapeutic/Deep Tissue Massage

30 minutes, 60 minutes, 90 minutes, 120 minutes
Rid your body of tension, release tightness, and find relief from chronic and acute pain caused by injury or overworked muscles. This therapeutic massage focuses on deeper problem areas, with greater pressure applied during the massage.

Classic Stress Relieving Massage

30 minutes, 60 minutes, 90 minutes, 120 minutes
This massage uses a classic stress-relieving, medium-pressure technique, incorporating varied strokes of gliding and kneading to promote circulation and an overall sense of well-being. Your therapist will adjust the pressure appropriately to accommodate your comfort level.

Kinetic Chain Release

Kinetic Chain Release, or KCR, has a profound effect on the human body, and can correct chronic pain in just 45 minutes. By having a KCR treatment, you can bring your body back into balance, reducing or altogether eliminating many existing physical disabilities and discomforts.
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We have a full range of waxing services available, from your chest to your arms, back, and even legs. We try to make waxing as painless as possible by using what we believe to be the most effective wax on the market.


LED Light Therapy

LED light therapy reduces inflammation and bacteria at the follicular level. It is excellent for sun-damaged skin; mature, pigmented lesions; oily, troubled skin; capillary distention; and blemished and sensitive skin. LED light therapy improves stimulation for continuous cellular division and regeneration. It is the final performance modality that the skin needs to repair, recover, and restore to a healthier skin function. It can be done as a stand alone treatment or as an add-on therapy.

Infrared Sauna

Well Spa & Fitness’s infrared sauna creates a blend of wavelengths that have been shown to lower blood pressure, increase core temperature, aid in weight loss, and so much more! You may also add Chromotherapy or Acoustic Resonance Therapy for an additional charge.
Click here for more information about our Infrared Sauna.


IonCleanse Footbath

This relaxing, therapeutic foot bath helps detoxify the body at a cellular level and restore balance to all of the body’s systems. Each bath introduces the cells to ion-rich, naturally charged water, creating a sense of well-being and relaxation, and leaving the body better able to release the toxins it has been storing.
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