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Oncology Skin Care

The journey of cancer can cause mental stress, physical suffering, and emotional exhaustion.

Yet, we have seen a beauty in the lives of those with cancer that is unmatched. We have seen the beauty of a soul whose life has been labeled and diagnosed with a harsh illness, but their soul exudes an overwhelming amount of bravery, kindness, and grace. Unfortunately, their bodies, due to cellular degeneration, radiation, chemotherapy, and exhaustion, cannot as easily display the beauty their soul emanates.

We at the Well of Life Center desire to help each individual living with or recovering from the symptoms of cancer display the beauty within.

Let us soothe your body and your mind – you deserve the beauty of restored vitality and healthy skin!

Oncology Facial
60 minutes  |  $95
*subject to staff availability

This restorative facial treatment for Oncology patients is designed to be a relaxing, holistic spa service that helps nourish and restore the integrity of the skin for those undergoing radiation, chemo-therapy or post cancer. This facial is performed by a Certified Oncology Esthetician with the knowledge and gentle touch to treat the most sensitive clients. The Oncology Facial includes a double gentle cleanse, a customized mask for the clients utmost benefit and relaxing properties for 10 minutes. A light upper body, neck and facial massage is also performed. Lastly, finishing products geared toward your skin’s needs are then applied, sending you off relaxed and refreshed.

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