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fruits and veggies

Have you ever wondered why “dieters” are encouraged to eat veggies and protein and ditch the grains?  It is not to make their lives miserable.  It is actually to minimize the work load of the digestive process.  The less the body needs to work to break food down, the more efficient the weight loss will be.  Can you lose weight while still eating grains?  Yes.  However, chances are you will have a more effective weight loss journey by removing grains from your diet.This tip also applies to veggies and fruits that are higher in glycemic loads: potatoes (sweet and regular), melons, pineapple, some squashes, etc.

At the Well of Life, we encourage a lifestyle change, not a diet.  However, when striving for weight loss, you need to be extra sensitive about what you are eating…even when it comes to things that are Well of Life approved!

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