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flu season

The holidays are just around the corner! Unfortunately, so is cold and flu season. Your doctor (or employer, or school, or next-door neighbor) may be recommending the flu shot, but is that the right choice???

Flu shots (also available in a nasal spray) are formulated differently every year, in anticipation of the different strains of influenza virus that may be circulating that year. Along with the inactivated virus, flu vaccines also contain aluminum salts, sugar, formaldehyde, and other antibiotics. Some also contain thimerosal, which is a form of mercury.

As you might expect, getting injected with all of the above ingredients may cause side effects. Minor side effects include soreness around the area of the shot, a low-grade fever, general achiness, a runny nose, headache, sore throat, and a cough.  More serious side effects include neurological and/or neuromuscular distress, reproductive problems, and, yes, even death.

Flu shots are not a guarantee that you will not be infected with the influenza virus. Studies have shown the flu shot effectiveness to average around 60%. Influenza strains change from year to year, and sometimes throughout the flu season, making it impossible to precisely match the flu shot to the virus that is circulating.

So what’s the alternative?
Boost your immune system! Arm yourself with the proper defenses so you are battle ready when the antigens attack! It just makes sense, right? If you know the enemy is coming, you need to make sure your walls are strong and your army is prepared! Thankfully, we have just the products to do that…

Vitamin D3 Liquid Complex
This formulation combines vitamin D3 with vitamin E to offer support to the liver and kidneys, as well as enhance bone health, and aid in overall immune function.

Elixer Vita
This is an energy formula that nutritionally boosts the immune system, fights infections, and helps cleanse the system. It contains powerful and effective immune system strengthening herbs. It is an energy booster, eases allergies and colds, and builds flu resistance.

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