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by Associate Clinician Christa Haines


We often have clients ask us Clinicians what we eat, and what an example menu looks like in a day. First, let me start by saying I really enjoy food! I cannot eat the same thing over and over again. I like to have fun and be creative with my menus, and I find I never get bored of eating healthy food!

I start out the day with a good protein-filled breakfast with some healthy fat. This may be mashed avocado with eggs on top, drizzled with olive oil and pepper. Or, it could look like turkey sausage or turkey bacon with two hardboiled eggs and a piece of fruit. On the weekends, I will take more time and make an omelet or egg dish. A few times a week, I like to start my day with homemade bone broth.

For lunch, I usually have something left over from the prior night’s dinner. When I make dinner, I double (and sometimes triple!) the recipe so there are leftovers. I will take the leftovers and add a salad or a piece of fruit and a good protein. The other night, I made turkey spinach burgers and for lunch I put one on top of a big mixed salad. I buy the big containers of organic mixed greens for my salads. Great leftover ideas are soup, meatloaf, quiche, a chicken dish, leftover fish added to a salad, stuffed peppers, etc. If I do not have something left over, I will make tuna or chicken salad.

My dinners vary according to the day. If I am working that day, I will make a crockpot meal or grill something. On the weekends, I try to make a nice complete dinner. I always try a new recipe each week. I make salmon once a week. It can be a challenge to make a quick dinner when you eat healthy. Some quick dinners I like are chicken or turkey sausage cooked on the grill. I cut it up and add it to wild rice or quinoa with peppers and onions. In the crockpot, I put in several chicken breasts and add barbecue sauce on top. I will sometimes take a large cookie sheet and add chicken legs, big chunks of carrot, halved Brussels sprouts, onion, garlic, and barbecue sauce on top of that too.

I make time each weekend to prepare for the week. I sit down with a cookbook or magazine. I write down the recipe and page number on the day I want to make it. As I do this, I write down my shopping list. I plan to make 2 or 3 things up for the week like a snack and lunch food that is ready to grab on my way out. I will make a salad dressing too. It’s helpful to cut up a bunch of vegetables for snacks with hummus or guacamole later.

When I have a snack, I keep in mind its purpose is to refuel and give me energy and keep me full until the next meal. I like to have an apple with almond butter and coconut oil, raw nuts, Epic protein bar, hardboiled egg, smoothie, or snack that I made up for the week.

Christa Haines, NTP 

Christa is an Associate Clinician at the Well of Life Center for Natural Health. The Well of Life Center is a holistic wellness center that specializes in nutrition, chiropractic, massage services, and more. Celebrating their 10th year in business, the Well of Life Center has locations in Doylestown, Bethlehem, and Ottsville, PA. For more information, please visit welloflifecenter.com.

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