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Sometimes it can be difficult to believe that something is hurting your body unless you can physically see the danger or receive a harmful immediate response first hand. I think that is why it can be difficult to believe and understand the harmful effects of EMFs.

Effects of EMFs

Although most of us may not realize or feel the harmful effects of EMFs, the danger is real! While working at the Well, I became aware of this danger but never really experienced it first hand until 6 months. While under the care of one of our clinicians, we were trying to pinpoint why my sleep had worsened, and why I was waking up in the middle of the night, unable to fall back to sleep. After several weeks, we had pinpointed it was my thyroid but even with supporting my thyroid nutritionally, we were not able to return my sleep back to normal.

Around the same time my sleep had worsened, I had bought a new car which had Bluetooth and Navigation. After driving my car for several weeks, I started to make a connection that my head was feeling pressure but only during extended periods of time in my car, especially during my daily 2 hour commute to work. I purchased the car harmonizer with the sense that the EMFs were bothering my head, not even realizing that this was the culprit for my disturbed sleep.

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I am excited to say that my sleep returned to normal just after the first day of using it in my car. In addition to the Car Harmonizer, I now wear a Gia Pendant, and I have 2 Gia Chips on my smart phone for added protection. We are exposed to EMFs everywhere we go and a lot of the time we are not even making the connection to the harm it is causing to our bodies or why we have not been able to evoke change in our health. It was this experience that made me realize the real dangers of EMFs.

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