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Halloween leads all other US holidays in candy sales, beating Easter, Christmas, and Valentines Day by a wide margin.  So how do you keep your family on track when you’re trying to avoid sugar, while also avoiding any tantrums thrown by disappointed children?  Read on…

What to do with all that candy:

Reuse it! Collect all the candy your kids have brought home, and hand it out to your trick-or-treaters.

Save it, and use it for gingerbread houses! Or, if you don’t feel like waiting for Christmas, make a Haunted Gingerbread House!

Use your candy as a science experiment!  Here are two great websites that offer educational and fun experiments that will get rid of your candy in no time:

The Science of Motherhood
Candy Experiments

healthy snack foods

Take it in to the office.  Watch it disappear like magic!

Donate the candy to nursing homes, doctor’s offices, US troops, and shelters.

Arrange a visit from the Candy Fairy.  Have your kids write letters to the Candy Fairy and leave their candy out before they go to bed.  She’ll take the candy (for children who couldn’t go trick-or-treating), and leave your kids a gift!

How to treat your family and friends the healthy way:

Check out these great, ghoulish party treats:
Healthy Halloween Recipes

If you don’t want to give candy to your trick-or-treaters, try these alternatives:

  • Fresh fruit: apples, oranges, or clementines make a great, healthy snack!
  • Bags of nuts.  Check out Target, Walmart, or your nearest grocery store for this healthy snack wrapped in individual party sizes.
  • Craisins, raisins, or other dried fruit
  • Fruit leather or fruit strips
  • Halloween pencils
  • Glow-stick bracelets
  • Halloween tattoos
  • Mini Play-Doh containers
  • Silly Putty
  • Stickers
healthy snack foods

These tips should put you well on your way to having a healthy Halloween!  Feel free to post some comments sharing your own tips and ideas!

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