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Are you going on vacation this summer? Do you want to know how to stay healthy on vacation while still enjoying a break from your everyday routine? Follow these tips from our “How to Vacation the Well of Life Way” lecture to ensure you come home feeling relaxed and refreshed!

How to Stay Healthy on Vacation

Do Your Research

Find out what grocery and/or health food stores are in the area to which you will be traveling. Look up restaurants in the area and find out if they serve local or organic foods. And, of course, you can always ask the locals for healthy recommendations.

Make Your Own Food Whenever Possible

Try to stay somewhere with at least a kitchenette, so you can make some of your meals, instead of having to eat out all the time. Smoothies are a great choice for quick, easy breakfasts, and a Magic Bullet would fit very easily in your suitcase!

Eating Healthy While on Vacation

Bring Along Reinforcements

Don’t go anywhere without your Multizyme and Zypan, two of the best digestive aids for whenever you are eating different-than-normal foods. And don’t forget your Apple Cider Vinegar and Epsom salts! ACV tea will aid digestion as well as detoxification, and an Epsom salt bath can help with a multitude of symptoms…and it’s especially enjoyable in a Jacuzzi tub!

Prepare For The Sun

Ask your clinician about Cataplex F and Calcium Lactate for before and after sun exposure. They can recommend the right amount for your body. For fairer skin, choose natural sunscreen brands, such as Aubrey Organics, Badger, Tate’s, Burt’s Bees, UV Naturals, and Jason. For darker skin or tanned skin, simply use coconut or olive oil for protection. Just be sure to massage the oil in entirely, until the skin is matte, and no longer oily. Otherwise, you may burn.

In the case that you do burn, be sure to have some AO Aloe on hand to rub onto the burn several times per day.

Keep Your Skin Healthy on Vacation

Pack a “First Aid” Kit

Bring along some essential nutrition, for just-in-case moments. Be sure to include: Echinacea premium for anything from a virus to a bug bite; WO or EE Oil for cuts, rashes, and bug bites; Antronex for sinus pressure and allergies; Cataplex ACP and Ligaplex I for sore muscles and ligament injuries; AO Aloe or RV Oil for burns; Calcium Lactate for fevers and cramps; and Choline for diarrhea, vomiting, or food poisoning. Be sure to call your clinician before taking any of these, as he or she will be able to recommend the proper dosing for your body.

Ward Off Bugs

Bugs are annoying, and can carry some not-so-nice things, but DEET is not the answer! Get yourself a natural bug repellent! Look for ingredients like eucalyptus oil, citronella oil, or cinnamon oil. Some great brands to check out: California Baby, Burt’s Bees, and Dr. Schulze’s.

Organic Bug Repellant

Drink Clean Water

I don’t think we need to tell you what sorts of nasties you can find in unpurified water…we’ll just stress the importance of drinking clean water. Either buy bottled water that has been purified through reverse osmosis, or, if that’s not an option, purify it as you go. There are many ways to go about this: Brita, Hydros, and Bobble all offer water bottles with a built-in filter, although Hydros is the only one offering antimicrobial (read: anti-parasite) protection. Another great tool is the SteriPEN, a travel-size UV-light water purifier that kills bacteria, viruses, and protozoan cysts (read: parasites) in a matter of minutes. Check it out at www.steripen.com.

Talk to Your Clinician!

Be sure to let your clinician know when and where you are traveling, so he or she can refine your protocol to fully protect your body and ensure you stay healthy on vacation! See your clinician both before you leave and when you get home, just in case you picked something up along the way, and be sure to give them a call if you come down with anything while you’re gone.

Now you are all ready to stay healthy on vacation! Have a great time!

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