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What is Homotoxicology?

Homotoxicology is an approach to healing which integrates homeopathy and alternative medicine. While recently gaining popularity in the United States, Homotoxicology has been widely popular in European countries, first originating in Germany over 50 years ago.

Homotoxicology combines modern and western medicine in a holistic approach which rests on the theory that all disease originates with the buildup of toxins in the in the body. Homotoxicology’s methods of treatment consist of detoxifying the body to get rid of toxins and restore the body’s natural biorhythms, bringing the organism’s natural functions back into balance. According to Homotoxicology, health cannot be achieved without the eradication of toxins from the body, because toxins are the fundamental cause of disorder and disease.

How do toxins impact health?

Homotoxicology views the cause of disease in the body as an over-accumulation of toxins which the body cannot properly expel. The body accumulates toxins through air pollution, chemicals in food and water, bacteria, viruses, allopathic drug residue, and stress. Chemicals and other toxins are absorbed through the skin, mucous membranes, lungs, and gastrointestinal tract. Endogenous toxins are formed in the body and originate from lactic acid, adrenaline, histamine, antigen-antibody complexes, and nutrient deficiencies, making it difficult for the body’s organs to process or expel toxins. Thus, the liver, kidneys, skin, mucous membranes and other organs are challenged by these substances. The body’s cells, tissues, organs, hormones, and immune system become weakened. When the body becomes unable to expel the excess amount of toxins accumulated in the body, the organism starts to break down, and disorder appears in the form of physical ailments. In order to propel the body’s systems to function properly, Homotoxicology supports the body through proper nutrients and herbs that help the body in the process of breaking down and eliminating toxins.

Which conditions are treated with Homotoxicology?

Various conditions can be effectively treated with Homotoxicology. Whether the patient’s condition is mild or severe, a treatment plan will be given to the patient after an in-depth evaluation and symptom analysis. As toxins penetrate and build in the body over time, the related physical symptoms and disorder can be recognized by the doctor. The proper healing remedy will be prescribed by Dr. Alhov based on every patient’s individual health condition. Accumulation of toxins can be correlated to phases of diseases which have a tendency to progress from one phase to another. Homotoxicology works to reverse this process and restore health. Based on Homotoxicology, there are six phases of toxin accumulation in the body, organized in progression from mild to severe. Symptoms associated with each stage will be carefully examined to develop an optimal pain-healing remedy.

Homotoxicology Combined with Other Methods of Treatment

It is important to note that Homotoxicology is most effective when combined with conventional medical treatments. Often, a complementary treatment integrated with Homotoxicology can offer the best health results by healing underlying imbalances, improving the body’s natural defense systems, and promoting more optimum functioning of the body’s tissues. In addition, other physical therapies will be prescribed, including, but not limited to patient education, nutrition, and exercise.

Homotoxicology’s primary treatment methods include natural remedies containing herbs, minerals, plants, and flowers. These remedies come in the form of liquid drops or pills, and are used to stimulate the body’s capacity to heal itself by eliminating the buildup of toxins.

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