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by Ottsville and Doylestown Facilities Manager Kim Cromptom

cell phone EMFs

We certainly live in an electronic- and technology-filled world, don’t we? I confess, there may have been a moment or two in my life where I have found myself working on my laptop, playing music on my iPad, watching TV, and texting on my phone…almost at the same time, or within minutes of each other! Maybe you have had that happen to you as well! Perhaps you have had a moment of revelation, where you’ve realized you’re spending too much time on Facebook or on your phone during the day. You are determined to make a New Year’s resolution to not have so much of your day consumed with technology and social media. I’ve been there.

But now, I have an entirely different perspective on the use of technology that guides my resolution to limit or change my interaction with electronic devices. Through lectures and information at the Well of Life Center, I have been educated about something called electromagnetic frequencies. Electromagnetic frequencies, or EMFs, are produced by the creation or transmission and subsequent use of electricity by cell phones, tablets, laptops, TVs, lamps, appliances, power lines, and so much more.

What I did not realize is that EMFs do not just affect our time and productivity. They also cause damage to and in our bodies. As I began researching EMFs more, I soon found story after story of peoples’ health being strongly affected by EMF exposure from cell phones, smart meters, and the wiring surrounding their homes. Some of the effects included Alzheimer’s disease, severe headaches, heart palpitations, insomnia, and brain cell damage. I was a bit overwhelmed! I personally have not experienced these particular effects and symptoms, but I want to protect myself now so I never have to.

While some of us are affected by these EMFs more than others, I wanted to know there were steps we could take to protect ourselves from them. Thankfully, the Well not only provided me with information regarding EMFs, but also tips to help me limit exposure in my own life. Consider these three things to take the first steps toward EMF protection:

  • Purchase a Gia cell phone chip that neutralizes the effects of EMFs on your body. This is #1, because we all use our cell phones throughout the day and need this protection.
  • Keep your bedroom clear of electronics when you are sleeping. I personally use my cell phone as my alarm, so I, at least, keep my phone at a minimum of 8 feet away from me.
  • Avoid using the microwave for cooking! Try taking the extra time to heat things in the oven or over the stove – it will be worth it.

For more information regarding EMF protection, I encourage you to rent the take-home EMF kit the Well offers. It is truly eye-opening to see the amount of EMFs we are exposed to in our own homes. You will find educational articles regarding EMFs, meters to measure the amount of EMFs in your surroundings, and products to protect yourself and neutralize harmful frequencies. True, you cannot change the fact that we live in a technological age and social media society, but you can be educated with the knowledge that will give you the power to change what is affecting your body. Because, at the end of the day, YOU are the only one with the power to change your own health!

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