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Did you ever think that, instead of taking an Ibuprofen for a headache, you could actually tap it out instead? The modality of tapping has been practiced for many years. Tapping sends a vibrational message to specific organs and organ systems to encourage and accelerate healing. Tapping regularly can help your body to get out of symptom, stimulate organs to heal faster, and remove deep-rooted emotional issues in order to encourage physical and mental healing.

Tapping, or MFT (Mental Field Therapy), is a modality that works by stimulating organs of the body to work more efficiently. Specific points on the body are associated with acupuncture meridians. Tapping these points with a certain rhythm and pattern can stimulate associated organs and organ systems to work properly, helping to correct physical and emotional dysfunction.

Tapping specific points on the body can relieve digestive issues, constipation, headaches, migraines, asthma attacks, and joint pain, to name a few. Tapping allows a person’s body to get out of symptom by sending a vibration, or stimulation, to a specific set of organs that are stressed and not functioning properly. This vibration resets the organ or organ systems.

Tapping can be used for physical as well as emotional healing. Negative, unresolved emotions are responsible for many mental ailments. Over thirty years ago, Roger J. Callahan, Ph D, created a similar form of tapping called TFT, or Thought Field Therapy. In his book, Tapping the Healer Within, Roger accounts his experience as a long time psychotherapist, and gives many examples of success stories with his patients using the TFT tapping technique. Unresolved, negative emotions were at the root of their emotional distress, and no amount of traditional talk therapy seemed to make a dent in their emotional healing. Callahan states in his book that tapping specific points on the body coinciding with acupuncture meridians “weakens and removes negative emotions” that are responsible for emotional distress. After negative emotions are tapped out, specific positive affirmations must be tapped in to fill the void.

The great aspect about tapping is that it can be done almost anytime and anywhere. It doesn’t cost anything. You just have to take the time to actually do it. Tapping can be much more effective when you know exactly what points to tap for your individualized needs. Pairing the tapping with the application of essential oils, humming while you’re tapping, and also using positive affirmations will also encourage more positive results.

Although tapping can relieve a symptom and encourage healing, many times, professional advice and nutritional care from a practitioner are necessary to resolve a more complex issue. At the Well of Life Center, we assess our clients to determine the most appropriate tapping point or points for their specific mental or physical needs, as well as any essential oils or other additional tools that will complement and accelerate their healing. If you would like to take your healing to the next level, consider some tapping.

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