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Since the Disney measles “outbreak,” there has been quite a bit of controversy and heated debate about vaccines, their alleged safety, and your rights vs. protecting the “greater good.” Whether you’re pro-vax, anti-vax, or somewhere in between, there are some things you should know before subjecting yourself and your family to vaccines…

What is “Herd Immunity”?
The term “herd immunity” was coined by Dr. A.W. Hedrich in 1929, when he was in the midst of studying the natural occurrence of measles (34 years before the measles vaccine was developed). It describes what happens to a population when its people contract and naturally fight off disease. This natural immune response produces life-long immunity in 95% or more of the population. Vaccine manufacturers and supporters have perverted the phrase and attempted to apply it to vaccinations, stating that 95% of the population must be vaccinated for the “greater good” of society. Yet we see outbreaks of disease in populations that have a 95% or higher vaccination rate. This is because vaccinations cannot produce true herd immunity – only natural occurrences and exposure to infection can do that.

Vaccinated Does Not Mean Immunized
The idea of vaccination equaling immunization is a myth. When someone is vaccinated, he/she has been artificially exposed to a specific virus or bacteria. The theory behind vaccines is that this artificial exposure will stimulate the immune system to respond, produce antibodies, and protect the individual from contracting the actual virus/bacteria. If this theory were true, people who have been vaccinated against measles or whooping cough or the flu would never contract any of those germs. They therefore would have no need to be afraid of the unvaccinated population. Yet time after time, fully vaccinated individuals contract the very pathogens they are supposedly “immune” to. A perfect example of this recently happened in Utah. There was a whooping cough outbreak this year that affected only vaccinated children. This is because vaccination does not equal immunization. When you are immunized, your body has naturally been exposed to a pathogen, has mounted an appropriate immune response, and can now protect you from any future exposure.

Vaccine “Safety”
Vaccines are supposed to protect from communicable disease and make the population healthy. America has the most aggressive vaccination schedule in the world, yet our infant mortality rate is higher than 33 other countries! Autoimmune disease is on the rise, especially in children. 1 in 50 children are now diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder, 1 in 6 children are learning disabled, and 1 in 9 children have asthma. Are these stats just a coincidence?

Vaccine manufacturers and supporters have boasted about the safety of vaccines and how an infant’s immune system can handle 10,000 vaccines at once. Yet where are the studies on the efficacy and safety of giving an infant 8 vaccines in one visit (that’s what your child can receive at his/her 2 month check-up)? That answer is simple – there aren’t any! No studies have been done to prove that even 2 separate vaccines given together are safe for an infant. What do exist are studies proving the danger of many of the vaccine adjuvants, such as aluminum, mercury, formaldehyde, and human fetal cells. Study after study prove that these ingredients are indeed dangerous, even carcinogenic, yet they are routinely given in vaccines without hesitation.

Some Food for Thought
If the above stats are any indication, we the people do not benefit from the current vaccination schedule. If vaccines aren’t truly benefiting the herd, then who is reaping the rewards?

If vaccines are so safe and for the benefit of the “greater good,” why is there amnesty for vaccine manufacturers? Why can’t they be held responsible for vaccine injury? Why does the government (i.e. our tax dollars) have to pay for the “mistakes” of the vaccine industry?

Why are state governments trying to enforce mandatory vaccination policies? Why are politicians turning to lobbyists for guidance and funding? Why are we, the constituents, being ignored and having our medical autonomy taken away?

I encourage you to be an educated consumer. Know your rights. Ask questions, do your homework. Don’t be afraid to be stand up for yourself and your children. Please visit the sites listed below for specific state laws on vaccine exemption, and for updates on state legislation. Contact your governor and state representative to encourage them to protect medical autonomy.

VINE (Vaccination Information Network) www.vaccinationinformationnetwork.com
NVIC (National Vaccine Information Center) www.nvic.org

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