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Let’s face it: we are all aging, no matter what stage of life we are in. We might not feel it so much in our twenties and thirties. However, aging is inevitable. Although we can’t stop the clock, we can do something about it! I’m not talking Botox or plastic surgery here. Three major steps you can take to age gracefully are: 1) eating foods that grow from the earth, 2) consuming good quality fats and 3) letting go of emotional stressors.

Plants that grow from the earth like fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices contain phytonutrients that nourish our body and provide life and vitality. “Eat a rainbow of colors.” You hear this all the time! Web MD agrees that phytonutrients help prevent disease and support our immune system. Yellow, orange, and red fruits and vegetables contain antioxidants that prevent free radical damage to organs, tissues, and cells.

Not only will good nutrition from the earth allow the body to function properly and look vibrant and healthy; good healthy fats will do this as well. Healthy fats like coconut oil, grass-fed butter, avocados, olive oil, and nuts are essential for optimal hormones, brain function, and healthy hair, nails, and skin. This does not mean you need to start the “ketogenic diet” tomorrow! Just gradually introduce more fats into your diet.

Often times, people struggle with adding fats into their diet. This is often because their body cannot digest fat well because their digestive systems are not functioning properly. There are ways to address this issue so that fats can be absorbed properly, without having any adverse effects, such as bloating. At the Well of Life Center, we work alongside of our clients to help to repair the digestive system for optimal function and absorption of essential vitamins, minerals, and fats from healthy foods.

Taking care of our emotional health is just as important as taking care of our physical health. The National Institute on Aging explains that psychological stress we face in our daily life, whether from work, home, or past traumas, do contribute to premature aging and shortened length of life. Unresolved emotions can particularly affect cellular health and the immune system. Did you ever notice, when a person has gone through a very emotional issue, how much older they look afterwards? A similar phenomenon happens when you harbor unresolved emotions. Although we all have them, they need to be identified and dealt with. One way they can be managed is through Mental Field Therapy, or MFT. At the Well of Life Center, we can find a particular sequence of tapping points for an individual to resolve specific emotional issues that are affecting their physical health.

The way you take care of your body, both physically and emotionally, definitely affects your ability to age gracefully. At the Well of Life, we love to teach clients how to not only nourish their body with a full spectrum of life-giving foods, but also to resolve emotional issues. One of the most important tips for graceful aging is to make peace with wherever you are in the healing process, while always striving to better yourself!

The Well of Life Center is a holistic wellness center that specializes in nutrition, chiropractic, massage services, and more. Celebrating their 11th year in business, the Well of Life Center has locations in Doylestown and Bethlehem, PA. For more information, please visit welloflifecenter.com.

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