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If you are a client of the Well of Life Center, you have probably heard us refer to our supplements as “Whole Food Nutrition.”  You may have wondered what exactly this means, and why we feel they are so important.  Read on for what Standard Process, maker the whole food nutrition we use here, has to say about their product…

“Nature intends that we obtain nourishment from foods.  Nutrient-dense, organically-raised food is what your body wants and needs.  But what many people consume falls far short of this, so they’re often deficient in numerous nutrients.  Improving the quality of one’s diet is essential.  For many, supplementing is a good idea.  Fifty-three percent of North Americans now take dietary supplements.  However, you can’t make up for a poor diet or unhealthy lifestyle by taking a handful of pills consisting of separate or synthetic chemical nutrients.  Biochemistry (the chemistry of living things) doesn’t work that way.  Whole foods contain a combination of innumerable ingredients (some not yet identified) that harmoniously work together.  Supplements made of concentrated real whole foods contain nutrients in a synergistic web the way nature made them.  The nutrients are never isolated.  Instead, they are highly complex structures that combine a huge variety of vitamins, minerals, trace elements, enzymes, coenzymes, amino acids, antioxidants, fatty acids, activators, and many other undiscovered factors.  This enables the nutrients to do what they are supposed to do in your body.

“Separate nutrients are never found in nature.  Synthetic ‘nutrients’ are poor imitations.  Taking supplements consisting of such chemicals, especially at high doses or for a long time, is more like taking drugs.  Separated or human-made molecules are no substitute for nutrient complexes in real food.  People are led to believe that it’s worthwhile to take pills containing tens or hundreds of times greater vitamin, mineral, amino acid, or ‘antioxidant’ concentrations than occur in real food.  But we best use nutrients only as they naturally occur in food.  We lack the capacity to readily absorb or properly use isolated or chemically-processed ‘nutrients.’  We can’t balance their levels or process them for optimal functional value.  Studies show the body treats isolated and synthetic ‘nutrients’ like xenobiotics (foreign substances) and flushes out as much as it can.  Separated or synthetic ‘nutrients’, explains Sidney M Wolfe, MD, are ‘like drugs, pharmacologically active substances’ with potential side effects.  Sherry A Rogers, MD, says that taking ‘junk nutrients’ is actually ‘worse than taking nothing.’ ”

For more information about Standard Process, visit their website here!

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