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Here is one of the most valuable aspects of whole food nutrition: it does not cause nutrient depletion. This might come as quite a shocking statement to you… after all, what supplements would cause depletion?! Well, in actuality, many do.

Why use Herbal Remedies?

Our bodies absorb vitamins in their complete form, but most supplements isolate components of those vitamins. When you consume an isolate, your body will actually pull nutrients from your own resources to complete that vitamin in order to use it effectively. This may offer short term results, but, overtime, your body begins to suffer after continually pulling from its own resources, and you may fall into greater dis-ease.

herbal remedies

At the Well, we use whole food supplements so that you are consuming easily absorbed and usable nutrition that will build up your body, not break it down. If you are currently taking any synthetic forms of nutrition, be sure to contact us so that we can work with you to find an alternative that will be better for your body and help you reach optimal wellness!

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