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‘Tis the season for gathering with friends and families around meals and recipes that have been passed through your family’s generations. Holidays are most enjoyable when you are at your best, with health and energy to carry you through the hustle and bustle of hosting, shopping, and celebrating! So how can you enjoy healthy holiday eating when being a guest?

Healthy Holiday Eating

We have entered into the Holiday season now with the possibility of Thanksgiving and Christmas gatherings happening almost every weekend for a month. That means we are not as able to control the food we are putting into our bodies, especially when we are attending a celebration hosted by someone who might serve foods we are not accustomed to eating. Here are a few things to keep in mind when you are in these situations to maintain healthy holiday eating habits.

First, we need to remember that celebrating Holidays isn’t just about the food we are partaking in; it’s about being together with our family and friends and enjoying that time together. Unfortunately, there are enough reasons to disagree over differing opinions concerning religion, politics, etc. One thing we shouldn’t be arguing over is the type of food we are eating!

Healthy Holiday Eating with Family

If you are asked to bring food to a meal, be sure that your take-along dishes are foods that your family can eat. This ensures that there are some good options available to you. If appetizers are being served, take a healthy appetizer dish and your family can fill up on something healthy before the main course. If you have the time, take more than one dish along with you so there are more healthy options for you. It shouldn’t be up to the host to make something out of their comfort zone or something they are unfamiliar with, just because it’s what you want… decide to make that specific dish yourself!

Also be sure your dishes are delicious enough to share with others. Sharing healthy, tasty recipes can be a great way to teach and educate your friends and family about different types of food!

Healthy Holiday Eating with Family

Part of maintaining health is keeping balance in your life. If you know you will be eating some less healthy food at an upcoming event, try to be the best you can be throughout the week leading up to that day. Eat a clean and nourishing breakfast and lunch on the day of the gathering. Partake in a “cheat meal” for your gathering, and get right back on track afterwards. Drink plenty of water leading up to and after your cheat meal, allowing your body to detoxify naturally and flush toxins efficiently. You can also talk with your clinician about a detoxification program after the holidays to help your body clean out any waste or excess.

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