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We are wrapping up our month of Summer Lovin’, when we focused on the many health benefits of summertime. In summary, it is SO important to get outdoors as much as we can to help our bodies to detox from many negative stressors. Most of us spend a lot of our time indoors, and aren’t getting outside nearly enough. There are a lot of different reasons for this, but let’s remind ourselves why we need to prioritize getting outside on a daily basis, even it’s only for 10 minutes a day.

Time in Nature is good for your health

Spending time outside helps our bodies detox from all forms of stress, electromagnetic frequencies, and low-quality or polluted indoor air. Participating in any activity outside will help this process just by introducing fresh air to our lungs and coming into better contact with the ground. Try walking around barefoot in the grass to physically connect with the earth and feel more grounded, which may help you feel better overall and may even help you sleep better. Get out in the sunshine for some time in order to help with vitamin D, which a lot of Americans are highly deficient in. Take a short walk and breathe deeply when feeling frustrated at work or home in order to help you reset.


When done on a regular basis, we will feel better and detoxify more efficiently if we make time to be outdoors every day. Some great ways to enjoy time outside each day are to take a walk, go for bike ride, or exercise outdoors. Try eating a meal outside, sitting in the sun, doing your devotions outside, taking a camping trip, going for a hike, or playing or watching sports. Make a plan, take time for yourself or with others, and be sure you are setting up time to be outside!

Detox outside

One last tip: Make sure you are going outside without any electronics (including your cell phone!). It is so vital to reboot and reset from the bombardment of EMF’s that we have inside. Step away from your screens and get outside for even 10 minutes of EMF-free time each day, and reap the benefits of the detoxifying great outdoors!

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