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We can’t successfully celebrate the healing opportunities of summer without talking about Grounding! What is grounding, anyway? When your bare feet or any other skin on your body comes in direct contact with the earth, we call this “grounding.” This can take place on a surface of dirt, sand, rock or water. Free electrons are taken up into the body, which allows for positive healing benefits.

Benefits of Grounding

Think about how well you feel outside going for a walk, or gardening, or spending time at the beach. Your body builds up positive electrons throughout the day, and the negative electrons in the ground can allow your body to balance itself out. We absorb too many positive electrons due to high exposure to EMFs these days. Coming in contact with the ground, unsealed concrete, sand, a natural body of water or grass with any part of your body can discharge these electrons. It also helps get you back in parasympathetic mode, which allows for better healing, rest and digestion.

15-20 minutes is all you need to reap the benefits of grounding! Stand, sit or lie down on the ground. Bare feet are best, but you can have a light layer of something between you and the ground, like a blanket or socks. During the warmer months, sitting or lying on a blanket is a great option; try hanging your bare feet beyond the blanket so that they are directly in contact with the ground. Sitting in a chair also works well if your bare feet are resting on the ground. When its cooler outside, try sitting on a concrete step with a blanket wrapped around you.

Happy Grounding!

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