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Are your food storage practices hurting your healthy leftovers?

We all know healthy eating is a big part of a healthy lifestyle. What you put in your body can make a big difference on how you feel as well as your overall health. 

So why would you want to store that delicious and healthy food you lovingly prepared in containers that may leach harmful substances into them?

Glass Food Storage Containers for Healthy Leftovers

Choose Your Storage Containers Wisely

Let’s start by discussing the best ways to store your healthy leftovers. The most important thing to keep in mind is the quality of the storage containers you are using.

Some food storage solutions contain dangerous chemicals that can find their way into your leftovers. Here are some tips on how to up your healthy food storage game.

1. Avoid Plastic Storage Containers

One of the worst storage methods is plastic containers so do your best to avoid them. Plastic storage containers often contain the chemical BPA, which leaches into the food and makes its way right into our bodies.

Even BPA-free options contain plastics that can be harmful to our bodies, specifically our endocrine system.

plastic food storage containers

2. Use Glass Storage for Healthy Leftovers

The safest option for storing your leftovers is to use glass cookware and storage containers. Glass is the safest material for food storage and cooking as well as being a responsible choice for our planet.

The only downside to glass is that it can be heavy for taking on the go. But then again if you look at it in a more positive way (which we love to do!) think of it as a bit of extra exercise to strengthen those arm muscles!

3. Stainless Steel Food Storage Containers for a More Lightweight Food Storage Solution

The next alternative would be stainless steel containers which are safe for both cooking and reheating. They are also super durable and long lasting as well as being environmentally friendly because they can be recycled! And unlike plastic storage containers, steel as well as glass food containers will not pick up the scent from you last meal.

4. Dangers of Aluminum Foil, Plastic Wraps and Plastic Storage Bags

Be mindful of your use of products like aluminum foil and plastic wraps and bags. Like plastic storage containers, these items should be avoided as they can be highly toxic to the human body. Safe alternatives for covering and wrapping would be parchment paper or beeswax wraps.

Stainless Steel Food Container for Healthy Leftovers

Protect Your Foods Integrity While Reheating

Now that we have covered the best way to store your healthy leftovers, let’s talk about the best way to reheat your food.

The safest way to reheat food would be in the oven, on your stove top or using a toaster oven as these methods maintain the integrity of your food.

Just Say No to the Microwave

The number one reheat method we want to avoid is using a microwave. Microwaves reheat food by using electromagnetic radiation which channels heat into the molecules in the food.

The biggest issue here is that you are exposing your food to radiation which completely denatures the food, rendering it devoid of the nutrition it once had. If you only have access to a microwave when you are at work, you have other options!

A great option is to use an insulated lunch thermos; you would simply heat your food up in the morning and transfer it to the thermos. High quality thermos containers will keep your food hot/cold for up to 8 hours.

Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Don’t Forget the Drinks!

In this blog we’ve primarily focused on food storage and leftover reheating. But these rules also apply to your favorite beverages!

You want to ensure whenever possible you are drinking out of glass or stainless steel containers, doing your best to always avoid plastic.

There are great options on the market for safe on the go water bottles. You can use things you have at home as well, such as mason jars, or save your glass nut butter jars and lids as they work as great little on-the-go containers for both food and drink!

Yes, We Believe the Effort Is Always Worth It!

We know for some this seems like a lot of extra effort and, sometimes, expense. But when you really consider the dangers our bad habits created by our modern, fast paced life pose on us, you begin to see the bigger picture.

Five extra minutes spent here and there now could mean 5 extra years to enjoy your life! So, are you really saving time or wasting it? Our pursuit of health in worth every minute! Enjoy it.

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