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We really love and enjoy using essential oils at The Well of Life Center for many different purposes. Essential oils are extracted from plants, and we then use those oils to smell, apply topically, and sometimes consume internally. Oils can be incorporated into a nutritional protocol to aid in the healing process, sometimes physically and often emotionally.

Essential Oils

There are several reasons to see a Well of Life clinician before using essential oils. First of all, oils in the United States are not regulated, so it is very important to ensure you are using a quality product that is safe for you and your home. We have done extensive research before determining which oils we can recommend, and we are happy to educate you on the oils we use and why we use them.

Another thing to keep in mind is that essential oils can have a strong effect on a body, and it is easy to do harm to yourself or another person by using them incorrectly. Your clinician can educate you on which oils might trigger a negative response for you, and they will assess oils on your body before recommending them to ensure that they work for you and will not cause an adverse reaction.

Which Essential Oils are right for me

Finally, oils can complement or derail the healing journey you are on, depending on if they are working synergistically with other nutrition you might be taking. Your clinician will always ensure your oils will work alongside of your protocol so that you are always on the road to success!

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