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Our bodies need to move! A sedentary lifestyle is not ever healthy, and it can often become the norm over the cooler months. Exercising in any form is beneficial. It is good for your heart, gets needed oxygen to organs, helps with sleep, strengthens bones and muscles, can reduce pain and offers many other benefits.

Planning to exercise is like anything else you intend to do – you have to take steps to make it happen! Try marking your calendar with times that work into your schedule. Whether you plan to be active outdoors, at the gym, or workout to a video at home, find what works best for you. It is important to know what your schedule can handle and work within that so you are setting reasonable and achievable goals for yourself. If you have time to watch television, you have time to exercise!

If you are planning to start a new routine of exercise, be sure to speak with your clinician (or other health care provider). It is important to choose an activity and level that is correct for your body. Exercise can deplete your body if done improperly; however, handled appropriately, it can be the next step in your journey towards health, vibrancy and vitality!

If you’re ready to start a new exercise routine, there are several inexpensive home equipment devices that are great, as well as many tv stations and streaming apps that have exercise programs available. There are so many great workout DVDs out there, or you can download an app or tutorial on your phone. If you are sitting and watching tv, why not grab a resistance band or weights and work on strengthening? Begin with just 20 minutes a day and try working your way up from there. It takes about 3-6 weeks to allow your body to feel comfortable and adjust. You may even see some results of positive change by then!

Remember that our Well Spa & Fitness offers classes as well, and we highly recommend these opportunities as they offer a trained professional to oversee your movements and progress, ensuring safety and effectiveness! To learn more about these classes, visit https://www.wellspaandfitness.com/…/fitness/fitness-classes/

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